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Satisfied customers are important to Boots. If Boots can keep its customers satisfied, it is more likely to be successfu

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Customer service and Consumer protection Satisfied customers are important to Boots. If Boots can keep its customers satisfied, it is more likely to be successful. From Boots the customers expect good service from the staff. They also expect the shelves to be fully stocked all the time and they expect competitive prices. It is not always easy for businesses to judge how satisfied their customers really are. So they use a range of techniques to measure customer satisfaction. Customers need a full service from boots where they are open all day and all week, the customers' need Boots to have in stock all their medicine needs from sore throat sweets to cod liver oil to fade scars. Boots also supply cosmetics such as make-up and deodorant. Customers expect a good after-sales service this might be; * Replacing faulty goods immediately or repairing them. Good after sales service might make customers feel more confident about buying a product. Boots require a receipt, If this is given to the till operator they will give a refund or our money back. ...read more.


I couldn't find the section on deodorant so I went to the till and asked where it was. They personally showed me to where the deodorant was quickly. They were very helpful and friendly. Below is a table to show from 1 to 5 (5 being the best and 1 being the worst) how well they did: Factor 1 2 3 4 5 Time taken to get help ------------- Smiling ------------- Eye contact ------------- Appearance ------------- Attention to customer ------------- Understanding customer needs ------------- Helpfulness ------------- Knowledge ------------- Politeness ------------- Item availability ------------- Shelves all shocked? ------------- Clean and tidy ------------- Signage ------------- Length of queues ------------- Time taken to get served ------------- Now that I have been in Boots and have been given very good service I would definitely recommend a friend to this store and would go back. This is what Boots aim for us to think, so that we go back and buy their products again. This would be very profitable for Boots if all their customers thought this, therefore this is what their main goal is. ...read more.


If Boots sold a customer an electric razor and it broke then the customer would contact boots and they would have top give them a replacement or their money back. First the customer has to read the terms and conditions of the store to see if they have a policy for this kind of service. This could be found on their website. Below is the page for Boots's terms and conditions. Lately boots have responded very positively to Pressure groups e.g. the anti-animal testing groups, they promised the pressure group that "No animal testing of any kind is undertaken or commissioned by Boots Group PLC or its subsidiary businesses". Boots know that if they don't respond to the pressure groups they will have a lot of grief from the group. E.g. when the guinea pig farm in New Church didn't close down Protesters (pressure groups) dug up the family's 1st generation grandma called Gladys Hammond. Boots do not have a grandma but they fear the protesters will sabotage the company. Boots have assured the pressure groups of the fact that they don't do animal testing or any of their subsidiary businesses. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael Mason ...read more.

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