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Scunthorpe United

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Scunthorpe United Introduction Scunthorpe United is located gallagar retail park, it was located where Sainsbury's is now located. There is easy transport for people coming from other towns, as it is close to the motorway. There are fast food outlets nearby for which the fans can easily go to after the match or before hand. There are shops nearby such as, B&Q, Next, Toys R Us, Tesco and many more which mums could go to while there kids go watch. There is a pub nearby which the dads could go and have a pint. It is located in Scunthorpe because of the iron industry, hence the nickname 'iron'. There are two car parks so more people can come find a parking space. It is on the outskirts of Scunthorpe. Scunthorpe lets people run a car boot sales. People can also hire rooms for weddings and special occasions. Scunthorpe United car park is at the back of the ground facing the houses, and it also has a separate car park for the players and staff. Scunthorpe United is unlikely to build there ground again because they are not a very rich club. ...read more.


They believe that Study United at Scunthorpe United Football Club will provide the motivation for young people to enter a new era of lifelong learning and develop useful key skills. Football in the community is a scheme where they work with youngsters. Shop They have an online shopping website and shop based near the ground where you are able to buy gifts, football shirts etc. Scunthorpe United used to have a car boot sale every Sundays at their car park. How the activities have changed? Scunthorpe United activities have changed as the years have been going. They have expanded the study united which has attracted more kids. Their popularity of being a football club is increasing. This is because they have been promoted recently and are lying on top of league 1 at the moment. Scunthorpe United Ownership Public Limited Company There are two types of limited company, private and public. Scunthorpe United is a public limited company and must have plc after their name. These businesses are more expensive to set up than a sole trader or partner ship, but carry less financial risk for the owners because they have limited liability Limited liability means that if the company goes bust they only lose the amount of money they invested in the company. ...read more.


schools, colleges and other related agencies with educational outcomes * To inform schools, parents and carers about the learning of their children Sustainability * To explore and encourage long and short term sustainability opportunities through collaboration with new and existing partners * To maximise use of the Study Centre facilities Avoid relegation in 06/07 season A smart objective is an objective that is specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time related. Scunthorpe United aim is to avoid getting relegated. If they get relegated the will go down to league 2. This will cause them to lose money. They will try to stay in the season by coming above 22nd position. They will try to get enough points to stay out of the bottom 3. Their objective is a smart objective because it is to avoid relegation in season 06/07. It is measurable because they will get promoted to championship, stay in league 1 or get relegated to league 2. It is currently achievable because they are lying in 1st position. It is realistic because they are able to achieve it. Finally it is time related because it will be done by the end of the season. ?? ?? ?? ?? Abdur Rahman ...read more.

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