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secondary research

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Secondary Research Secondary research involves the use of data that already exists in reference books, government reports and, increasingly from sources on the internet. It can be obtained from a variety of sources such as government statistics, trade journals, commercial research reports and the media An advantage of secondary research is that it can be undertaken quickly, which means early decisions can be made. Secondary research is also very cheap form of market research. Another advantage of secondary is that it can pro vide information on the entire market including over seas customers. However, a disadvantage of secondary research is that the information may be outdated and of limited value. Also, the secondary data may not meet the precise needs of the business. Another, disadvantage of secondary research is that some business reports containing secondary data are expensive, for example �5000 per report. 'Jupiter Sports' is undertaking government statistics. So we could look at the 'Annual Abstract of Statistics' and 'Social Trends', these are the two main publications from the government and its agencies, such as the Department of Trade and industry', who produce vast amounts of detailed information. We can also undertake information from the 'Trade journals'. Trade journals contain detail information on the developments of the specific industries they cover. ...read more.


This is the information about health in Greenwich. Health national commentary (all people) Value Eng & Wal Rank/376 (proportion) Regional Rank/33 (proportion) Limiting long-term illness 37230 206 4 General health 'not good' 20071 143 6 People providing unpaid care 18797 331 13 Providing unpaid care 50 or more hrs/wk 4364 168 5 By analysing the health information in Greenwich, I can see that there are 20071 people who have 'not good' general health. So I can see that lots of people in Greenwich who have illnesses, so I can see that as my energy drink is much healthier form of drink than fizzy drinks, it will help the ill people in Greenwich. This means that I can target people who live in the borough of Greenwich because they are likely to buy my drink. This data below shows information about the work stature in Greenwich, so it shows how many people are employed and how many are unemployed. Work national commentary Status (all people aged 16-74) Value Eng & Wal Rank/376 (proportion) Regional Rank/33 (proportion) Employed 87508 294 24 Unemployed 8354 17 9 Long-term unemployed 2901 19 9 Student (economically active) 5174 43 9 Retired 15903 346 11 Student (economically inactive) 9400 54 20 Looking after home/family 11898 23 7 Permanently sick or disabled 8845 127 7 Other inactive 6713 29 17 Travel to work (all people aged 16-74 in employment) ...read more.


So from the secondary and primary research I have come to a conclusion that I need to sell 'Jupiter Sports' at around 80p. Also it is going to be in a can and it is going to be blue and green. I am also going to offer various flavours of drink like apple, strawberry, lemon, etc., I have also identified my target market who are in the age group of 12 to 35 and people who do sports. All this information I have decided upon the primary and secondary research as I was able to analyse what the public want and think about the product and how my competitors sell their product. This now means that I have clear idea of how I am going to sell the product and how I am going to do the marketing mix e.g. price my product, how I can promote, where to sell it and the appearance of my product. List of Sources I got my information for the secondary research from the following websites: 1. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/census2001/profiles/00al.asp 2. http://www.nutraingredients.com/news/ng.asp?id=65125-glucose-memory-soft-drinks 3. http://www.lucozadesport.com/ 4. http://www.wikipedia.com/ All these sources helped me in analysing my competitors and how energy drinks as a whole is doing in the market. ?? ?? ?? ?? YATHURSAN DEVABALAN MS. Potter UNIT 3 ...read more.

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