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Setting up a computer business

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The business I have decided to set up is RCS (Reg's computer systems.) This business sells computer systems, it also upgrades computer systems hardware and software I think this will be successful because people are always needing/wanting new up to date computer systems so they either upgrade or buy new systems. There are always new parts coming out on to the market which make the computers faster. Not many people know how to upgrade computers so they need a company to upgrade them. Company's always need better systems for a more economic business. And home users want better systems for faster games which need a higher spec than the machine currently has. The questions I will ask to find out about the people I should target; 1. Are you male or female? 2. Which age group do you come into? 3. What is your current occupation or closest? 4. What is your current income bracket? The questions I would ask about my product or service will be; 5. Do you currently own a personal computer? 6. If answer above is yes how old is it? 7. If answer to question 5 is no will you consider buying one? 8. Do you use computers at your work place? 9. Would you or your company consider upgrading your computer? 10. How much would you pay for a new top of the range computer? 11. How often would you upgrade your computer system? 12. What would/do you use your computer for? 13. What software would you want to come with the system? 14. Would you want software upgrades? 15. If you bought a new computer system would you want a set system (costs more) or would you want one to suit your needs (costs less)? I checked the following sources to see if there were other businesses providing the same product or services; Yellow pages, I added a question in my questionnaire. ...read more.


And charge more for these. 26. Should we provide extra software with the system to suit your needs? * I asked this question to determin whether I should sell extra software or provide it with the computer system 27. Would you want software upgrades (e.g. windows + office)? * This question is asked to find out if people would want this service if they did I could provide it automaticaly this would make my business seem like I know what people want so they would buy from us. If only half the people a questioned said they did I could ask each costomer if they want the service or not. This would save me wasting profit if they didn't want it. 28. If you bought a new computer system would you want a set system (costs more) or would you want one to suit your needs (costs less)? * I asked this system to find out which type I need to sell or if I need to sell both types. Results and analysis of questionnaire:I found that 100% of people who didn't have a computer would consider perchasing one. this is 23% of the total questionnaire. Here is some more information I found in graph form all graphs explained in the columns below This graph shows me that people will pay any thing in the region of �1001-1100 this means this if seven people would buy a new computer this will mean I earn at least �7000, and that is out of thirty people seven out of thirty is 23% nearly 25% of the population of leicester may buy a compueter system. This is an average so it could be lower or higher. This graph shows me the majority of people would want computer systems to suit their needs, this is a service that most companies don't provide encouraging more people to chose my business over others. ...read more.


Each partner puts capital into the business so the business can start off bigger. You need to fill in a deed of partnership to run the business in a partnership. Franchising, this is less risky than the normal way to set up business but it is more expensive. This is where a large business helps the small business to set up in rsturn for payment. Cooperatives, there are three types of cooperatives, worker cooperative, consumer cooperative and marketing cooperative. A worker cooperative is where the owrkers own the besiness and they all share the profits equally instead of being ona payrole. A consumer cooperative is where some of the consumers own and run the business so they get some form of discount. A marketing cooperative is where a number of small firms own the cooperative and share its services to each other. Anlysis This is where I will anylise the business types I can use or can't use for my business and choose the best one for my business and give a reason. I think the best choice for my busines is the sole trader because my business will only be a small business, I don't want it to be too big. if I set my business up as a sole trader business I will get all the profits I would only need to set up my business as a partner ship if I couldn't raise the capital but I can, and I know how to run it I don't need any help. I couldn't set up my business as a franchisee because there are no computer businesses that sell franchises in this area of business. I could not use any of the cooperatives because then I wouldn't get much of the profit and this is not the type of business to use when setting up my business because I want to own and run it. ...read more.

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