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Skills and Knowledge Needed to Work In A Business Environment

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´╗┐Victor Stephenson-Henshaw Unit CU678 EDI Level 2 Certificate In Principles Of Business And Administration Unit CU678 ? Work In A Business Environment Victor Stephenson-Henshaw Assessor ? Rob Allen ________________ Understand How To Respect Other People At Work 1,1 Describe What Is Meant By Diversity And Why It Should Be Valued Diversity can be differences in race, belief systems, physical appearance, mental capabilities, etc. It is also a variety of something such as opinion, colour, or style. Diversity should be respected and valued because not everyone is completely the same even in the example categories; they are not the same as everyone else. Some people like to eliminate what is dissimilar. Our opinions can lead to environmental problems such as violence and hatred because of diversity being a key ingredient to a good and safe environment. Everyone in the workplace is treated equally. Every individual has a unique something to offer and this can help the company. Diversity should be valued because without diversity, the company or the people at the work environment wouldn?t have knowledge on other cultures this can be helpful to the company as it opens the company or people to experience a different perspective other than the usual culture. Diversity should be valued because in case a unlawful discrimination may cost the company if someone sued the company for discrimination. 1,2 Describe How To Treat Other People In A Way That Is Sensitive To Their Needs The way to treat other people is to treat every person the way that you would want them to treat yourself. Observe each individual that you encounter, and analyse what needs they may have and then try to meet those needs either by asking them or just observing. Ask them if they are comfortable, and ask what else you can do for them to make them more comfortable, this creates a great customer service as well a good impression on yourself. ...read more.


It also saves money as supplies don?t have to be repurchased after being wasted. Having less waste means saves employee from cleaning up, less mess. It also decreases the amount of waste a business contributes to the environment; this can include general waste, wastewater, and carbon emissions. Reducing waste is a key to minimising an individual's or business's environmental impact by reducing air and water pollution and limiting the amount of material that ends up in landfills. The way the company would up rise from waste is by endorse plans that conserve materials, they will inevitably cut down on the amount of materials they need to purchase. 3,2 Describe The Main Causes Of Waste That May Occur In A Business Environment The main causes of waste that occur in a business environment are processes that are not very well designed and waste time and energy. Some business processes can be redesigned for a computer to save time and energy. The environment consists of waste of paper and other business products: Lots of Business information is kept on paper, such as client records. These could be kept electronically rather than printed every time they're needed. It's hard to read people's handwriting so electronic records tend to be more accurate. To fix these wasteful problems are high. Not only must we automate some manual processes, but we must "convince" people that they don't need so much paper and can "trust" what they see on a computer screen, some people don?t trust technology has it has took over everything in this world. So there's an initial investment in computer technology and in something far harder than computer technology: getting people to change. Also employee skills go to waste if all they do is sit and write on paper which is a waste of not only paper but also employee skills. This is because they cannot practise their abilities when they are restricted to just writing on paper. ...read more.


By using raw materials more efficiently, recycling, reducing packaging and making production processes more efficient, you can save money and help protect the environment. 5,2 Describe Ways Of Improving Own Working Methods And Use Of Technology To Achieve Efficiency And Reduce Waste There are a lot of ways that can improve people?s own working methods and use of technology to achieve efficient can to reduce waste, firstly within a office environment the office staff can use less paper so they base everything they do electronically this can save paper which results in efficiency, efficiency can be achieved by eliminating laid off tasks, enhancing office communication, and obtaining immediate access to the information you need to perform your job these example can make the environment a better place as well as improve reduction of waste. Technology can improve services by offering better communication through a variety of media, better record keeping, and shorter comeback times. ________________ Be Able To Respect And Support Other People At Work In An Organisation 6,1 Complete Work Tasks Alongside Other People In A Way That Shows Respect For A) Backgrounds, B) Abilities And C) Values, Customers And Beliefs Observation/Evidence 6,2 Complete Work Tasks With Other People In A Way That Is Sensitive To Their Needs Observation/Evidence 6,3 Use Feedback And Guidance From Other People To Improve Own Way Of Working Observation/Evidence 6,4 Follow Organisational Procedures And Legal Requirements In Relation To Discrimination Legislation, As Required Observation/Evidence ________________ Be Able To Maintain Security And Confidentiality 7,1 Keep Property Secure, Following Organisational Procedures And Legal Requirements, As Required Observation/Evidence 7,2 Keep Information Secure And Confidential, Following Organisational Procedures And Legal Requirements Observation/Evidence 7,3 Follow Organisational Procedures To Report Concerns About Security/Confidentiality, As Required Observation/Evidence ________________ Be Able To Support Sustainability And Minimise Waste In An Organisation 8,1 Complete Work Tasks, Keeping Waste To A Minimum Observation/Evidence 8,2 Use Technology In Work Task(S), In Ways That Minimise Waste Observation/Evidence 8,3 Follow Procedures For Recycling And Disposal Of Hazardous Materials, As Required Observation/Evidence 8,4 Follow Procedures For The Maintenance Of Equipment In Own Work Observation/Evidence Page of ...read more.

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5 star(s)

A comprehensive analysis of how to increase efficiency and reduce waste in a business. It could be improved by discussing a specific business but this may not be practical.

Marked by teacher Dennis Salter 15/05/2013

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