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Skills and personality attributes needed by a good manager.

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Hard work - "Hard work is about risk. It begins when you deal with the things you would rather not deal with: fear of failure, fear of standing out, fear of rejection. Hard work is about training yourself to leap over this barrier, tunnel under that barrier, and drive through the other barrier and after you've done that, to do it again the next day." For business a hard worker is an essential thing to make the corporate work successfully, because only the hard work can help the manager to reach his full potential and make him feel that he is doing his best for his own and others benefits. From my interview I can state Brian is hard working person, because he doesn't sleep much, "only 3 hours per night", he always switched on and available to respond for e-mail on anytime. It is important for him because his company is located globally in different cities with different time zones which forces him to adapted to communicate with them when in Newry is middle of the night. But because he is hard working person he wants be in "touch" with his companies all the time and has control on them, it's important for him ...read more.


and the effect of their contribution Effective communication between the executive and those that do the work is essential to ensure that the right work is being done. It is also necessary in situation, when manager has to deal with costumers' questions and problems. Growth, Expansion and diversities - A business strategy in which growth is obtained by increasing the number of stores in which customers can buy a company's products and services. Unlike relocation, business expansion entails opening up new stores in different physical locations while still maintaining the current business locations. See also franchise. Diversities? Expansion is important for business growth and increase profit in future. It is also important that business have a verity of different products that they are can sell to the costumers, and also large range of service that company can provider for the users. Business leaders need to have a clear view of what growth means to their individual businesses. Even if business is thriving, chances are it's not as successful or productive as the manager would like it to be. He may desire to increase their client base, sales revenue, profitability and income. He may also want to grow the marketing, selling and presentation skills for the future. ...read more.


This is important to business to create something fresh and new to catch customer attention for the product. Global Communication - is the process of transmitting and receiving information on a world-wide scale, you can use the term 'global communication' in the context generally used by professional communicators i.e. communication strategies that influence audiences diverse in culture, race, location and language. This skill has a big impact on manager which wants to expand his business on a world-wide scale. It helps him to be able to cooperate with different cultures and languages. Foreign relation may help business to increasing their profits, create innovative products and increase reputation of company and manager in business world. Future Vision- Visioning is the first step in strategic planning. A vision shared by all the members of your business can help all members set goals to advance the organization. A vision can also motivate and empower employees. However the future vision can help manager to think and make a plan about what he can do to make a change in his business to be better. The manager who has a future vision skill is also able to forecasting the future demand on different product ...read more.

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