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Skills Audit

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Skills audit A skills audit is what many businesses use to analyse their employees. They do this by asking them to carry out a questionnaire that basically once calculated will indicate the employee's strengths and points that they can work on in order to improve. I have developed my own personal skills audit and have put it together in a table below. I CAN DO THIS WELL NEEDS WORKING ON I CAN'T DO THIS I have strategies to help me to plan and manage my time Y I am able to effectively prioritise my tasks and activities Y I am able to work to deadlines Y I am able to express my views verbally Y I am confident speaking in front of a group of people Y I can prepare, plan and deliver a presentation Y I can use visual aids to support a presentation Y I work well as a member of a group or team Y I am able to listen to and appreciate the views of ...read more.


This doesn't mean that you cannot do these tasks or haven't done them well in the past. It simply means that in order to be truly successful in these areas, you may need to brush up on some skills and get some advice on how to go about the following actions. Encourage innovation in my business Excellent performance in this area results in being able to: ensure that there is a well-communicated innovation strategy that fits with the overall vision of the business motivate people across the business to identify ideas for new products or services ensure that resources, particularly time, are made available for idea generation, development and testing of ideas evaluate business cases and plans, approve those that appear viable and monitor their progress ensure that the originators and developers of any ideas receive recognition for their achievement In order to improve in this area, you may want to get some advice on: how to develop a business strategy for innovation and communicate it across the business methods ...read more.


legal requirements governing the running of businesses current and emerging social attitudes to management and leadership practice and the importance of being sensitive to these Develop the culture of my business Excellent performance in this area results in being able to: agree values and assumptions that encourage behaviour that is consistent with your business' overall vision and strategy make sure your personal behaviour, actions and words consistently reinforce these values and assumptions communicate agreed values to people across your business and motivate them to put these into practice put in place policies, programmes and systems to support agreed values continuously monitor and adjust values and assumptions and the ways they are applied In order to improve in this area, you may want to get some advice on: different definitions and types of business culture the importance of values in underpinning individual and business performance internal and external factors that influence business culture the relationship between business culture, strategy and performance the principles and methods of managing culture change within businesses ...read more.

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