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Skypac business report

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Business Report 1.1- Establishment SkyPac was established by its two partners, Nick Carpenter and Rick Pegus in January 2004. The profits of the business are equally split but there is a portion that goes towards Nick's salary because, unlike Rick, Nick works full time at the company. The business was established to try and fill a void in Australia's private aircraft industry. The business is not unlike several successful businesses in the USA. 1.2- Core Function The businesses core function is to provide aircraft charter and private jet membership services. The businesses target market is: business executives, VIPs and private travelers. The company provides small, medium and large jets and helicopters for its customers. The company provides its members with quick services ready on very short periods of time. The company has the largest range of luxury; private jets that any other jet brokerage in Australia. It aims to provide efficient and comprehensive services to its customers. 1.3- Position on the Business Lifecycle SkyPac has just left the establishment stage of the business lifecycle. The business is well known throughout its target market and its sales are currently increasing dramatically despite surging fuel prices. ...read more.


worldwide in the upcoming years. This fact is a strong indication of the growing need for flexible and time-efficient executive transportation. 2.1- The legal ownership of SkyPac is a Partnership. The partnership involves two owners, Nick Carpenter and Rick Pegus. The advantages of being in a partnership are that because there is more than one owner it may be easier to raise funds, the profits flow directly to the partners, the workload can be shared instead of one person having to do all the work and also each partner can become more efficient at the task in which they do best. The disadvantages of the partnership is that the owners are liable for any debts, because decisions have to be shared they can be disputes, the profits must be shared and also that if one partner wants to leave of dies then the other partner is responsible to all the debts. 2.2- Future expansion options for SkyPac are rather limited. The business has established the aim of flying corporate people or normal people without the hassles. There are some expansion options for the business and these include: * Widening their range to include luxury coaches and cars. ...read more.


I believe that SkyPac should look to consolidate their business in Sydney as well as the other major East-Coast cities including Melbourne and Brisbane. After the Australian market is shown how strong the business is the company should look to expand to business capitals of the world. Countries that have a large amount of high-profit companies may include the USA, the UK and Japan. If an office in each city could be opened the customer-base would increase significantly. If an office could be opened in New York, London and Tokyo it would be a large step for SkyPac. One advantage that the business has is that it can grow as much as it wants whilst being steady within Australia. The tourism industry is one that is always going to be unlikely to crash, as holidays are a part of everyday life for many people. This is great for the company as it means it is relatively safe. The fact that the majority of the companies clients are involved in business is another great advantage as there will always be international and interstate business dealings. This is why I believe expansion would be monumental in making the company larger and much more profitable. If the company broke into markets including the USA it would increase business and sales greatly. ...read more.

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