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Small Business (Barbershop)

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Bush barbers (small business) Introduction I am writing about bush BARBERS, a small business that I have investigated. The owners of the business are Mr. Peter and Mr. Adel. I choose the business because I like the way it is run, I know the owner and I am a customer of the business. Bush Barbers is a small barbershop located in shepherds bush, London. Main activities The shop's name is 'BUSH BARBERS' and it's a partnership The main activities of the organisation are the selling of different services, such as hairdressing, nail care, massage and hair colouring depending on the customer's demands. Its main aims are the expansion and getting the maximum profits. This is broken into small objectives like satisfying the costumers, spend less money on employees and more on modifying the business, advertise the organisation on TV, Radio or news papers and always be ahead of competitors in attracting costumers and providing good services. Smart Objective Bush barbers have setup a smart objective lately. ...read more.


The state of the local economy is important concerning the average income of residents in the area. If the small business is located in an area with middle class residents that can afford to pay the hairdressing costs. If the hairdressing salon moves to an area with lower class population, the prices have to be lower and the profit will then be less. Low profits are not beneficial to the owners, and in this case more then one owner will have to share less profit because it is a partnership business. Competition can affect a small business largely because; the owner may not have experience in the management of a business or the competing against other business in the same section. Lower competition rates are essential for a fresh starting business, so the owner has to search for a location with low competition rate. This could be done by searching for other hairdressers in the area you want to work in, if there are too many the owners have to consider looking for a new location. ...read more.


* A mix of activities including; the Concord shopping centre, mixed-use areas of local shopping, caf�s and bars on Uxbridge Rd and on Goldhawk Rd, leisure and entertainment uses at the western end of the Green, and Shepherds Bush markets linking Goldhawk and Uxbridge Roads. * The centre has been unattractive to new investors in recent years - and there are few national high street retailers. * The centre caters not only for local shopping needs, but also for a distinctive ethnic food and goods market, which attracts shoppers from African, Caribbean and Arab communities over a wide catchment area. * Growth in the evening economy with a number of themed bars and pubs opening * The vacancy rate of shop premises has remained steady over the past few years - slightly higher than the national average. The vacancy rate in the market has increased. * More about public transport: * New bus station on the Wood Lane frontage, improvements to bus network and contribution to bus priority measures on new routes. * New West London line station at Shepherds Bush, with interchange facilities to the Central Line station ?? ?? ?? ?? small business 1 Mudathir Subahi ...read more.

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