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Some of the strengths Disney's operational planning has would be their customer focus. Take Disney's theme parks

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Disney Inc. Operational Planning Paper Strengths and Weaknesses There are four different types of planning within and organization, strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency. Each will have an impact on each other and how they are carried out. Disney's operational planning consists of how things are run on a day-to-day basis within a year helping to reach the company's strategic planning goals. "Operational planning identifies the specific procedures and processes required at lower levels of the organization." (Scott, 2004 ) Within Disney this would be the processes for day-to-day operations within the Theme parks, the stores, on the e-commerce site etc. Some of the strengths Disney's operational planning has would be their customer focus. Take Disney's theme parks were there hundreds of employees working on daily basis trying to accomplish one thing, which is to make the customer happy. Disney knows that if they don't make the customer happy, people will not return. Comparing the size of Disney's theme parks to that of a shopping store this can be a little harder to accomplish. Each area of the theme park must be broken down and managed, like different departments within a department store, only on a much larger level. When the theme park will open, when shifts will start and end, how many street vendors will be in the park and where, and how long rides will last. ...read more.


Disney exists in a "competitive environment, which is composed of the firm and competitors, suppliers, customers, new entrants, and substitutes. At the more general level is the macro environment, which includes legal, political, economic, technological, demographic, and social and natural factors that generally affect all organizations." (Bateman, Snell 2004). First possible threat is, there are many laws and regulations that Disney must abide by. "The Government can affect business opportunities through tax laws, economic policies, and international trade rulings." (Bateman, Snell 2004). Some of the agencies that regulate laws are: "the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These agencies all have the power to investigate company practices and take legal action to ensure compliance with the laws." (Bateman, Snell 2004). The next possible threat is the economy. When the economy is down, it is less likely for tourists to visit theme parks like Disney. The economy can be a huge threat for Disney at times. "The economic environment dramatically affects companies' ability to function effectively and influences their strategic choices. Interest and inflation rates affect the availability and cost of capital, the ability to expand, prices, costs, and consumer demand for products. ...read more.


ESPN's success is especially relevant considering the low to which ABC has sunk. In 1997, ESPN Magazine was launched. Disney's 2003 media networks revenue topped $10 billion. Over the last several years, Disney has purchased partial ownership stakes in networks such as A&E, The History Channel, Soapnet, E! Networks and Lifetime Television. In October 2001, Disney acquired Fox Family Worldwide for $5.2 billion, and renamed it ABC Family. Conclusion In conclusion there were factors that need to be considered when running an organization successfully. To assure the success he or she must know how the five functions: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends, (SWOTT) work for Disney. The Walt Disney Corporation has obviously used these functions of management to become one of the most successful corporations today and is used a model for other organizational giants Reference Bateman, Thomas S.; Snell, Scott. 2004. Management: The New Competitive Landscape. Retrieved from the World Wide Web @ https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/content/eBookLibrary/content/eReader Merriam-Webster Online Dictionaryam, Retrieved October 20, 2005. Available: [Online]. http://www.m-w.com/cgibin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=opportunities Retrieved Oct. 18, 2005, from http://corporate.disney.go.com/ The Walt Disney Company, Disney Online. Retrieved October 19, 2005. Available: [Online] http://corporate.disney.go.com/corporate/business.html Thomas S. Bateman, Scott, (2004). Management; The New Competitive Landscape. Chapter 4, Managing, [University of PhoenixE-Book]. ISBN: 0072538651. Retrieved October 20, 2005, from University of Phoenix EResource, MGT/330-Theory, Practice, and Application, Web site: https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/resource/resource.asp ?? ?? ?? ?? Disney Inc. 1 ...read more.

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