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Sony P.L.C.

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Business Studies I have been asked to do an assignment on Business Studies. The assignment must be 2,000 words long. The assignment has to be in for the 1st December and the tutor is Chaz Davies. Sony is leading audio-visual electronics and information Technology Company worldwide. Sony is the second largest music company in the world. Sony is a leading motion picture and television production company worldwide. They are a co-developer of the CD, DVD, and the super audio CD. Sony is the developer, manufacturer, and the marketer of the Playstation and Playstation 2 consoles. Sony is a publicly held company, with shares listed on 16 stock exchanges worldwide, including Tokyo, New York and London. Sony is a company that has 1035 consolidated subsidiaries worldwide. Most businesses are classified in different ways. The type of the organisation will usually reflect on the size of the business. Here are some of the different areas that a business might be associated with. Sole Trader Sole Traders is the most common form of business. A sole trader is owned by one person and it might employ several people. A sole trader is the easiest form of business to set up but they are also liable for their debts. ...read more.


These include jobs such as, farming, oil drilling and mining. Farmers grow and harvest crops while oil drillers take out fuel from the ground. Secondary Sector The secondary sector is the manufacturing process of products. Manufacturers use raw materials and most products go through several stages of production. Some examples of manufactured products are chocolate, cars, furniture, and oil rigs. Tertiary Sector The tertiary sector is important in Britain today. Services aren't actually physical goods. You can physically touch a car or a television but you can't touch life insurance or the NHS. Although Sony P.L.C. is a manufacturing company they still rely heavily on the primary and tertiary sector. Without retailing Sony wouldn't be able to sell their electronic products and without the raw materials there wouldn't be any electronic products to begin with. Stakeholders A stakeholder is any party that has an interest in a particular organisation. The stakeholders that will affect Sony P.L.C. are; * Shareholders * Employees * Suppliers * Customers * Trade Unions * Banks * Community * Government Analysis Sony's entertainment systems are becoming ever so popular with middle aged families. Recent surveys have found out that this segment have time to spare, as well as disposable income available. ...read more.


Sales in this area during 2002 reached 512 billion yen. * Other - The other segment includes location-based businesses, internet related business (So-net) conducted by Sony Communication Network Corporation, advertising agency business and other businesses. Sales in this area during 2002 reached 146 billion yen. Sony P.L.C. has invested interest in U.S. businesses such as Sony Electronics Inc, Sony Broadband Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Plaza Public Arcade and Sony wonder technology lab and Metreon. The annual sales for Sony P.L.C. for the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2003 were 62.3. billion dollars and sales in the United States were 20 billion dollars. Sony P.L.C. employs 161,100 employees for the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2003 and approximately 22,000 employees in the United States. Sony has major manufacturing sites in Dothan, New Stanton, Pitman, San Antonio, San Diego, and Terre Haute all in the United States and Tijuana, Mexicali, and Nuevo Laredo which are in Mexico. The entertainment production is Sony pictures studio which is based in California and Sony music studio which is based in New York. Sony manufactures their products worldwide. They operate in most countries, wherever there is a demand for any of Sony's products they will be there to get a slice of the market share. Most of their manufacturing plants operate a flow line production system. ...read more.

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