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Spreadsheet For Holiday Details

Extracts from this document...


Spreadsheet For Holiday Details User needs I have created spreadsheet containing information for three different holiday resorts. Using the spreadsheet makes it an easier way to compare holidays for example; weather, the statistics for each month are shown from each holiday destination with graphs showing the difference highlighting which months its best to stay in. The spreadsheet would hold the information for the holiday destinations picked to then choose an ideal month to go and resort to stay in etc. The database can automatically tell you information, for example by using an 'IF....THEN' function I can see when and where there is more or less sun than the UK. The database will be good for a holiday agency as it is easy to use within a company as it shows all the information clearly. Information to be processed: I collected al my information from a holiday brochure so the data was genuine. This also meant if there was any problem within my spreadsheet calculations I could re-check my data to make sure it all adds up. I used obvious names of fields such as 'cost' and 'weather' against each month showing the range in prices -all the information you would want to know about where you were booking a holiday. ...read more.


Cell formats: Here I highlighted the graph Next I went on the format tool I made to be able to format it. And selected 'cells...' After following the steps above, the 'formatting cells' box appears. Titles: I labelled each column and row with a suitable title displaying what information it is showing. It is also arranged in boxes so it is easy to see and separate in different parts. e.g. weather, costs, activities etc Cell references: This shows I have used the numerical cell references in my formulae. In the many graphs I produced, I used lots of different formulae for example: If/then statement: Here is and example of my if/then functions. It is comparing weather in the different countries against England in particular months. Here I have created another if/then function showing the amount of rain between the four countries. I have mainly focused on the weather as I found it the easiest to work with comparing all four countries. Here is another if/then function displaying what flights can be caught from England airports to the three different countries. I can prove this works because I will now change the flights from Gatwick to Birmingham to Mexico: Enter data: This shows all of my formulas in the grid and that they are correct as I have an answer for each one. ...read more.


It showed me it worked, but luckily I checked, or all the information would have been confused and wrong. From my viewpoint, I think the spreadsheet works quite well, but as I said before will help when it gets more information for more detailed use for the customers. I think colour co-ordinating the different tables worked very well, it helps section out the different parts, yet looks very presentable. Having pictures works too, as it helps recognise the different resorts/locations to visit. It also gives an inside view of the place you would be staying in. Although I have picked out some good point in my spreadsheet, there are also many bad too where there is room for improvement. The main disadvantage is that I haven't got much data in the spreadsheet so in the future, will need more from the travel agent to carry on the spreadsheet to be useful and able to work in a business. Another disadvantage is I haven't got many graphs, although I have more than three different types, there are not many comparing between the three locations, here in the future, when I get more data, I can make more graphs/ charts that compare information to help make the customers mind up. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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