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Spreadsheet project

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IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM Description of organization & problems: - The user of my spreadsheet is a games company owner who needs to collect and distribute data to predict capital expense of wages for the future. They need to be able to see the expenses of their company and how, if the input into the spreadsheet is altered, the output is changed also. My spreadsheet is a model that simulates the real thing. As a company owner, the user should be able to record the various categories of income and expense and decide their course of action depending on how the store is doing on the spreadsheet. It should allow the user to make comparisons of profit/loss for that particular week, month or year. However, I will be going through this product as though I were the user and make references to the actual user of real life at appropriate times. I will be presenting the worksheets over a time span of a month so as not to make it too complex to understand. The product is aimed at the soul user of the system, which will be the storeowner. The name of my company is called Nintendo Universe. My company designs computer games for a number of consoles that we build. We sell accessories along with toys and magazines. We are basically a wholesaler selling our components to other big businesses. Our main headquarters is in California, America. We have a second headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. We have various factories and warehouses that produce and store these products and export them to big businesses on request. I have a total of 480 employees, out of which 100 are employed for the headquarters. Two hundred staff members are in the two production factories. The rest of my staff works in the various warehouses. I am the sole owner of the company. As this is a large trading enterprise, I have chosen to have a board of directors who are assigned various shared responsibilities and they own percentages of share in the company. ...read more.


makes sure the numbers are between the specified range Spell check: Makes sure that words have been written accurately For Validation you can also use IF statements, which will prompt you if there is the data entered, goes beyond what you have specified. You can for example say that the data should not exceed stock level and if it exceeds stock level to write error so that you are aware. For this you can do many checks, which will minimise the chance of any mistakes. One that you can use is the range check which is =IF (G2>STOCK!C3<,"OK","ERROR") In this the computer looks at G2 and looks if it is more than the stock in STOCK!C3, if it is then "ok" will be displayed and if not then "error" will be displayed. Spreadsheets I am going to do: - The spreadsheets that I will be creating will be of the payroll and one of personal information of my employees. It will include all necessary information such as 'hours worked' and 'overtime' and will also contain confidential information such as Telephone, Address and National Insurance Number. They then can help me to work out who gets paid what and whether the rotation system is working so that everybody gets roughly the same hours worked therefore the same pay at the end of each month. This spreadsheet will be very useful because it will show me the amount of money which is needed to keep the store open and then I will cross reference it with the profit I make in a month. If I manage to find a major decrease in money it will help me to make adjustments or if need be shut down that firm. The following is how my spreadsheet should roughly look like and is an example of how it should be set out. Name Age Address Telephone Hours Worked Tax Gross Pay 1 Bob John 34 8 Blenheim crescent 5432 7832 36 25% 2 John Ken 21 23 Elgin crescent ...read more.


This could only have been achieved if I had more time to work on the project however, so it would have been too hard to include a great amount of detail in such a short space of time. I could have also included a wider range of items on sale as the amount I had were really for a smaller type store who would more often than not leave the transfer of data on to a spreadsheet due to there not being enough data to permit doing so. Doing my spreadsheet over a year rather than a month would have given the user a much better idea of how their business is doing. Only doing a month restricts their knowledge of the store and a yearly record would enhance this view and allow them to make future decisions under better judgement. I believe that I could have improved the discount aspect of spreadsheet, as it is slightly out of sync with the rest of my work. The main detail for that particular worksheet was the names of the customers but again I could not have added such depth with the time allowed. My company will constantly keep on - going maintenance by having a special group of people who will update the information whenever new information comes in. I will employ 5 people so when there is a lot of information to update, it can be done more quickly. If I were to do this project again, I would perhaps do a different type of store to allow me and the user to use a variety of news and different functions, as well as get a better outlook on how the productivity sales varies with different types of stores. Overall, I have found this project a very interesting and intriguing one and I am proud to say that I met the user's needs and thus met the main target set out at the start of the work. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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