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Springs Industries Inc.

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Nova Southeastern University Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship Assignment for the Course: GMP 5113 - Managing Information Systems Submitted to: Professor Michelle Ramin Submitted by: Sloan C. Sehr # 7253 7420 NW 4th Street Apartment 211 Plantation, FL 33317 954-792-1551 Date of Submission: January 23, 2004 Title of Assignment: Springs Industries Mid-Term Assignment CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify that I am the author of this paper and that any assistance I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in this paper. I have also cited my sources from which I used data, ideas or words, either quoted directly or paraphrased. I have added quotes whenever I used more than three consecutive words from another writer. I also certify that this paper was prepared by me specifically for this course. Student's Signature: ___________S.C.S_________________ ..................................................................................................................................... Instructors Grade on Assignment: Instructor's Comments: Springs Industries Inc. Springs Industries Inc. is a $2.2 billion textile company that is headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Springs Industries focuses its efforts into the production of the home furnishings market, and operates under well-known brand names such as Wamsutta, Springmaid, Disney, LizAt Home and Bill Blass. Their home furnishings segment account's for nearly 82% of the company's revenue, and remains one of the leading producers of bedding, bath and other home furnishing products in the United States (McFarlan, pg. 1, 1997). In 1995, Springs acquired several additional companies in which they could facilitate the introduction of new and complementary products that would provide them with a distinct set of product offerings. However, integrating these new companies into the existing operating environment would pose significant challenges. "Presenting one face the customer" was of the utmost importance to Springs and fusing the "back-office, administrative, and marketing efforts of its acquisitions" would present numerous complexities (McFarlan, pg. 1, 1997). Knowledge Building The home furnishing market which Springs competes in is extremely volatile. ...read more.


He also implemented a "consistent technical infrastructure across financial systems which resulted in improved efficiency in payroll and other administrative functions, error-free month-end closings, compilation of the year-end statements and better customer support (McFarlan, pp. 7-8, 1997)." As Springs began to realize the benefits associated from the new systems, one system still proved to be difficult and costly. However, once implemented, the product planning and scheduling system for the finishing plant finally provided the benefits Springs expected from their investment in it. Unfortunately, Springs wasn't in the clear just yet. One problem that remained was to get their new and existing systems Y2K ready to tackle the new millennium. 30 consultants and collaborators working around the clock would ensure their systems as well as their suppliers remained Year 2000 compliant (McFarlan, p. 9, 1997). Now that all aspects of the organization have been integrated across the enterprise, Springs can now leap forward to implementing 'electronic enablement technologies'. The long-term implications of the Internet, Intranet and Extranet beyond marketing and sales would be paramount to improvements in productivity and service by sharing data, standards and procedures across the board. Customers can access vital systems and databases that facilitate the use of value-added hook ups, and allow Springs to remain in proactive mode as opposed to a responding mode (McFarlan, p. 10, 1997). Springs' recent investments in the technologies to reposition themselves from the "support" to the "strategic" quadrant of the IT grid have so far been successful. As they prepare to move into e-commerce as their primary business means, the company is still going to have to move beyond their current customer offerings and direct additional investments in new systems, equipment and proactive marketing capabilities. Their existing Intra, Extra and Internets are going to be primary areas of focus in the creation of value added e-business strategies primarily directed towards Springs customers and all aspects of their business operations. ...read more.


Consideration of these factors will also include the design for operations efficiency, basic standardizations, achievement of performance standards etc. Once completed, Springs can tailor their logistics network for their differentiation strategy and look for flexibility issues that may hinder future performance (Martin, p. 99-103, 2000). The last stage in the e-business blueprint is the execution stage. Once an action plan had been proposed and approved by management, Springs can begin on formalizing their value chain. At this point, Springs develops and implements a test pilot program where they focus on establishing information systems and negotiating quality improvement for processes, material and information flow, price, lead time, and other critical values. After the program us up and running, a full-scale, broad-based implementation plan goes in place. Although the chain is set-up and running, management must continually monitor and evaluate the company based on continuous performance and improvement (Martin, p. 107, 2000). E-Business Implementation Plan The goal of a blueprint is to provide a balance between day-to-day operations and long-term strategic decision-making. The improvements in Springs IT infrastructure has enabled them positioned themselves to fully embrace the many facets associated with-commerce. By strategic aligning their company to meet the needs, wants and demand of their customers, Springs has ensured they will remain competitive for some time to come. The visions of those leading Springs in to the future of business have performed adequately enough to prepare for the next wave of business enterprise. However, as E-business matures and becomes a core foundation of corporations, it demands more disciplined management, and thus should be an area of focus with Springs. As for competency, the technology Springs has invested heavily in have brought them to the place where they are now, but as improvements in systems hardware and software transpire, it is the responsibility of Springs to continually adopt and implement these changes. After years of hard work, preparation and planning, Springs is finally not only ready to tackle e-commerce, but they are ready tackle the future as well. ...read more.

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