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Stakeholder for Tesco and NHS

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Niya Mignott Brock Miss Smith Business Studies Stakeholders A Stakeholder is someone that is interested in a business. A stakeholder doesn't have to be a business man or women they can be any one out of the general public. Stake Holders also be: * Customers * Employees & Managers of the business * Shareholders * The Local Community * The Government There are many reasons Stakeholders would be interested in Tescos, some of them are: * Shareholders- Interested in the profit made by the business and the dividend paid and also how good the business is doing finically. * Banks- Interested in whether Tescos is able to repay its loans. * Local Community- Interested in jobs environment and social issues. * Employees- Interested in Whether they have a secure job with Tescos. * Pressure Groups- Interested in social and environment issues * Mangers- Interested in the bonuses for helping to make a profit. ...read more.


The important issues for them are: * Conditions of employment * Pay * Job security * Sick pay * Holidays * Promotion Employees at Tescos would like to be secure in the knowledge that their job is safe and secure. Employees want to make sure that they have good conditions of employment so they feel comfortable in there work environment. They also want to have good pay so they can provide for them selves and their families, job security so they feel that they have a secure steady job and no worries about being dismissed or being made redundant, sick pay so they could provide fro them selves in the case of them being sick, holiday so they can have a break form work and they come back feeling refreshed and relaxed, and promotion so they are motivated to work to a goal. All customers have an interest in the different businesses, but the type of interest they have in the business will vary depending of the business activity. ...read more.


They would want to see this because some people think company that are not economically friendly are bad companies and do not buy any products or use and services from them. NHS Stakeholders The NHS is the UK's largest and most reconcilable medical organization in Europe. The NHS provides many special cares like ambulance services, GP practices, walk in centers, mental health care, and care trust. The National Health Service is the publicly funded health care system of England. The NHS provides the majority of healthcare in England, including primary care (such as general practitioners), in-patient care, long-term healthcare, ophthalmology and dentistry (NHS dentistry is done by dentists in private practice doing sub-contracted work for the NHS). The NHS has employed about 980,000 full-time workers. Worker in the NHS can be also called stake holders because employees want to work in a successful professional business environment. Because the National Health Service is run by the government they do not have any stake holders, so they would not have any investors apart from the government. ...read more.

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