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Stakeholders of Alton-Towers.

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What is a stakeholder? A stakeholder is someone that has an interest in the business or who is effected by it. In Alton-towers case it is the employees and it is the people that live near by it is also the customers. Stakeholders of Alton-Towers. There are too types of stake holders Internal- are people inside the business these are * Workers * Managers * Owners External- these are people outside the business * Local community * Suppliers * Financiers * Government * Pressure groups * Customers * Owners Who are the many stakeholders in alton-towers Workers- are stakeholders in Alton towers because, what happiness' in the business effect there work life and there pay, there jobs may also change when new rides are build. What happens at Alton towers has a high effect on them and there life. ...read more.


These people have allot of money tiered up in Alton Towers there for they will be expect alot of money in return. If this is not happening, they will be wanting to find out if there is any problems and why these problems have been dealt with. It is normally the manager they would complain to. Customers- are stakeholders in Alton towers because they go to Alton Towers and it effects them in what rides they go on they will also be interested in products for sale prices and value for money and availability, how the business is ran effects how much they enjoy the park. The workers effect they because if they have good customer services the customers come away satisfied. Suppliers- are stakeholders in Alton Towers because what they sell they have to supply, they need to know amount figures and the business effect them a lot because it there business is not doing very well they will not do well. ...read more.


Their main interest in the business s that it does not affect there lives too much with noise or pollution in the area. Financiers-these are also interested in the financial side of Alton Towers because they are the ones held responsible for the money and what happens to it in the business. Their fore they have a high level of interest in the business. The businesses activities do not really affect them that much. Pressure Groups these are stakeholders in Alton towers. This is because they are interested in the problems in and around the business. They are highly affected by the business this is because what happens effects there argument against issues at Alton Towers. Their arguments are normally based on environmental thing so with Alton Towers to they have build all rides below the tree level so it does not spoil the view. By Dominic Young 10T ...read more.

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