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Starting a Business

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Unit 1: Starting a business: What is meant by 'gap' in the market? (1 mark) Kn: 1 mark Student must give a definition. A gap in the market is where there is demand for a product but no one is supplying the product . Give two reasons why Mark and Marie should write a business plan (4 marks) Kn: 2 marks (stating the reason) App: 2 marks (explaining the reason) It is important for Mark and Marie to write a business plan because if they want to obtain a loan from the bank then they will have to prepare a plan to show the bank that the business is likely to be a success and will be able to pay back the money it borrows. ...read more.


(6 marks) Kn: 2 (state the point) App: 2 (develop the point - using examples of that particular business) An: 2 (develop the point - what impact or benefit will it have to the business) Model answer I think the most important cost for Mark and Marie is to buy the software to make the product, this is the product idea and if the business spent money on advertising but were unable to supply the product then this would lead to dissatisfied customers and the money spent on the advertising will be wasted. It is important that they get their product right and that the quality of the product is high before encouraging potential customers to buy the product. ...read more.


A private limited company is a business that is run by shareholders and it has limited liability. A private limited company may be better as limited liability is good for the reputation of the business and provides some protection for Mark and Marie terms of debt in case the business idea was not successful, unlike a partnership whereby the owners of the business are responsible for the debts of the business up to the whole extent that they are able to pay. Although partnerships are easier and cheaper to set up, private limited companies are seen less risky to a bank and they are able to secure loans much more easily. To conclude although partnerships have many benefits such as shared responsibility and relatively easy to set up the limited liability achieved from a private limited company could be very important to both Mark and Marie in the future. ...read more.

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