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Starting a small business. I will be describing the skill I need to open a coffee shop successfully and I will determine where the areas are that need development also i will analyse the developments needed to successfully run the business.

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Introduction In this assignment for p3 I will be describing the skill I need to open a coffee shop successfully and I will determine where the areas are that need development also i will analyse the developments needed to successfully run the business. P3 The skills I will need to run a coffee shop are: > Observation skills > Negotiation skills > Be good at giving advice > Accuracy and reliability > Confirmation of attendance > Be good at providing information and help > Be good at providing assistance and help > Problem solving > Good Listening skills > Basic oral communication > Presentation skills > Written communication > Using it > Decision making > Interpersonal skills Observation skills are being alert to what is happening for example by observing patterns or trends in sales. Negotiation skills are to gain agreement about a next step with an individual or group, in a manner which is clear and respectful to all concerned. Accuracy and reliability when you think you have found the correct file or document check to make sure you are right. This is important in a paper-based system if there are several files with similar names. ...read more.


Presentation skills Presentation skills are an effective way to communicate to large numbers of people at the same time. It's a way of communicating ideas and information to a group in a meeting. As a manager i will to show my staff presentations and how to present. It's a way of communicating in a business and i will need to develop this skill. I will need to work on the following areas to improve my presentation skills o Eye contact: This helps to regulate the flow of communication. It signals interest in others and increases the speaker's credibility. Speakers who make eye contact open the flow of communication and convey interest, concern, warmth, and credibility. o Facial Expressions: Smiling is a powerful cue that transmits happiness, friendliness, warmth, and liking. So, if you smile frequently you will be perceived as more likeable, friendly, warm, and approachable. Smiling is often contagious and others will react favourably. o Gestures: If I fail to gesture while speaking, I may be perceived as boring and stiff. A lively speaking style captures attention, makes the material more interesting, and facilitates understanding. o Posture and body orientation: I communicate numerous messages by the way I talk and move. ...read more.


Decision making Decision making is a very important skill needed to run a successful business. This skill will enhance my ability to view any unclear decisions in a different light. Especially when I come to decision, I can say that I am well informed! In a business I have to be 100% sure before I give anyone information weather it is a colleague or customer. For example If i have i was given two different coffee and was told will be better for our business and would have to make a decision. I will improve this skill by: ? Analysing any problem- where our business is not getting profit. ? Look for alternatives - search the are or problem and find any solution. ? Accept the responsibility - not just stand there and watch accept any responsibility given and work hard on it. ? Evaluate my results - see what iv come up with this way i will be able to now if iv made the right decision. ? Practice with friends, this way i will can see if i have made the right decision ? Consider my goals and work hard on them. By using these methods I will be able to improve my decision making skills. I will work part time which will give me the opportunity to make decisions and evaluate if they were right. ...read more.

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