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Applied ICT: Unit 2 Coursework For work experience, I had been placed in a small organisation which was based mainly through the use of IT and communication via phone to assist business use. The small organisation involved few people specialising in that sort of field in the same workplace. This included an artist who worked on the logos and other related uses to art using trademark programs such as "Adobe PhotoShop" and other specialist software's such as "Adobe Premier" and "CorelDraw", which aids them to more accurate drawings and more options to what the output result comes to. The organisation also interacts with each other and show they are working together in different criteria's to gain the targeted aim(s). The organisation uses techniques to earn more profits and business from the public by the following processes such as:- - Working with the newest printing/embroidery techniques - Working with the latest fashion lines - always on the ball - Working in favour of our client's needs - Working in a relaxed and friendly manner - Working on time, to price and to a tight schedule - Working when you play! This assures the customer or client to be at peace of all tension towards frequently asked questions (FAQ) and worries if they are using their money in the wrong place. The use of ICT in a small organisation would be easy to conduct as the same as a bigger organisation. The small organisation could send emails and talk via LAN, even though it could be told in person or by phone whereas if it was the bigger organisation, finding the person could be a little difficult so it is easier to send an email through an organisation email server which is specially maintained for email use. ...read more.


In the main office, there was a show room for clients to come and view samples of clothes, stationery and other merchandise. Also they had to ensure that there is clear access to the fire exit and a workplace for all the employees with their personal computer (PC). In the workplace, they had to receive any calls from clients or customers regarding to place an order, to give a feedback or to complain with misunderstandings of goods sent. This was tried to be vetoed to achieve customer appreciation towards the organisation in purchasing again from them. All this was also done by the internet using email where customers sent their payment details and the order placement details. This was protected by company firewall allowing no access to the details whatsoever from the external root other than the office. To be more precise, on how ICT was used generally in the organisation would be similarly used in any department of the company. Chiefly, the main use of ICT in this type of environment would be to contact clienteles or trade companies via email and also to check updates on business around the globe to check they are doing well and that if there are any intensifying companies as being competitive with this organisation. This allows all organisations to improve on the needs in what they have to do in order to satisfy consumers to buy from them. In the workplace the hardware's used were PCs only. In the office, all individual employees had their own PCs which allowed privacy between the other employees as to what they were doing. ...read more.


To contact anyone other than the employees, maybe branch to branch or to a customer or a client, they would have to send it via email. There was no other way quicker than this, because if they sent it by post, it would take a long time and a lot of money. If you phone them, they would be in another time zone due to the branch being in America. They could check their emails anytime they wanted depending on the time usage they have. The overall effects of ICT in the department I worked in, has found it really easy to view orders placed by customers through the event merchandising e-commerce website than to get the person who ordered it to send it by post which would waste a lot of time in dispatching the order as you would have to wait till the cheque gets cleared and at times could be dangerous to send cash through the post. The main use of ICT was also to contact the parcel service for a pick up delivery to send somewhere else. The problems of ICT in this department were that to do any accounts, it would take a really long time to check the amounts, if they were correct and the right figures and should be perfectly accurate result. They would have to check it 3 times with the book if the computer was correct or the book was wrong. The ICT workplace in the warehouse stopped a lot of space being used even though all the jobs done in the warehouse could be done in the main office. ?? ?? ?? ?? Candidate Name: Ravi Desai Candidate Form: 10V Candidate Number: 3067 Centre Number: 12302 Page Number: 1 ...read more.

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