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Student Grades System Information Technology Project

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STUDENT GRADES SYSTEM BY FURQAN BHOPAL THE ORGANISATION Built originally in 1939, Greenford County School was a grammar school, for boys the London Borough and girls, serving the needs of a rapidly growing population on the western edge of Ealing. Our 1930s Tower at the front of the main building is still a distinctive landmark and makes our school instantly recognisable. It remained a county school until 1974, when Ealing changed to a comprehensive system and the school undertook expansion to cope with greater numbers of pupils The school is situated in Ruislip Road, Greenford, near the junction with Lady Margaret Road. The school has three blocks of buildings, which house the main subject areas, together with a sports hall, which is fully equipped with sport facilities. In 1992, Greenford High School became a Grant Maintained School and in the following year, the intake increased when it began to admit Year 7 students into the school for the first time. ...read more.


For instance the teacher might not be able to note down the pupils address as well as the telephone number. Moreover, when a student does not hand in homework, teachers normally write on a piece of paper to remind them. But this is not a sufficient method as this paper could be lost and resulting the teacher to forget. In addition, the book that contains the information could be misplaced or lost by the teacher. By this they would loose every piece of information as well as data on the students and this could prove to be a problem as the teacher would be unable to write reports. Performance Criteria In order for this system to work accordingly and effectively the performance must be genuine and adequate. By this I mean that the system must be easy to use in order for the intended user to use it to its best ability therefore getting the must sufficient results that can be presented clearly so that the trends can be identified easily. ...read more.


Processing There is going to be a series of various formulas which are going to be used, such as v-lookups and what if statements, as this would allow it to be relatively easy to get results and get it in a display or printed form. In this screen, there would be a database of information including name, gender, address and marks. This would help give out automated responses to the data which is put in, in the input screen. The user will not see this screen unless modifications are needed to be made. Output This will be crucial for the system this is because this will show the raw data has been process into a useful form as information. It can be either be displayed or printed which would mean that the user would have a hard copy. However the information can be turned into many useful forms such as graphs, reports and maybe even certificates. This would help the evaluation done by the teacher if they would have a visual display that contains the relevant information about the pupil. ...read more.

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