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Suggestions to improve ethics within a business - my ideas.

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Mott MacDonald are already a hugely successful business in terms of ethics. They have achieved what many would dream to achieve in their own business, such as the various awards they have received for being such an ethical business. There are however certain areas in which they could still try and improve the way they run their business to be even more ethical. One aspect of the business that Motts themselves have pointed out that they want to work towards is to reduce carbon emission by 5% per employee. There are various ways in which Motts could be more environmentally friendly in order to achieve this target and make their company more ethical. One of the ways I which they could do this is by using sustainable materials which will never run out such as wood. Wood does not need anywhere near as much manufacturing processing as other materials, which are used for buildings. This would mean that less energy would be being used up in the making of the building materials for Motts, which will reduce their carbon footprint. ...read more.


Instead of this also being sent to rubbish piles, Motts could think of how to recycle the waste materials. If the materials can be re-used, then Motts should consider using them material for other projects that they are doing. If not, then Motts could at least sell the materials to those who can use them for their own business. This way, bot Motts and other businesses would benefit, as materials are not being wasted. Employees should be encouraged to make sure that materials that are being used are used to their full potential. For example, if they needed to cut out a material into particular shapes for a part of a building, then employees should consider the best way to cut that material to ensure that they can get the most out of it as they possibly can which would also reduce their waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Another area that Motts can improve is diversity within their business, so that their ethical operations are better. ...read more.


People pay a lot of money to Motts to design and create buildings for them, which is why it is extra important that customers are satisfied with what they pay for, as once a building has been built, there isn't much you could change. To improve customer satisfaction would be improve ethics of a business as it shows that a business actually cares about their customers, and that they are not only interested in their money. One way in which they could do this is to send all their designing and building staff of yearly courses to polish their skills off and make sure that they are making the correct decisions when they are carrying out their work. By sending them out to be trained every year it would ensure that all staff are competent and can do the job correctly without any mistakes, which is likely to increase customer satisfaction. However it might not be the actual work which the customers have problems over concern, it may the way in which they are dealt with in terms of customer services. ...read more.

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