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Support roles and their vital role in the success of running a large company.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐There are a variety of tasks performed in support roles which provide a sound basis for progression to supervisory and management positions. Every business organisation needs efficient support, not only to achieve the organisation?s purpose and values, but also to survive in the competitive business world. Large organisations such as BP have a centralised department to support different functional areas such as finance, customer service and human resources. I agree that all support roles play a vital role in the success of running a large cooperate company. BP have a customer service department. Customer service deals with customers before, during or after a purchase; they may provide information, answer questions, and contact with other departments to sort customer?s items like repairs, get feedback and to sort any complaints that the customer may have. Customer services are a major role in BP because they will have direct contact with the customers. They have to try and solve the customer?s problems in a polite friendly way and if they can?t, they will need to direct them to a different team. It?s important that customers are happy with customer services help as it can have direct impact on the business success. If customers are satisfied with the help they were given then they are likely to carry on doing business with BP and may recommend BP?s services to friends and family. ...read more.


If there were no IT members then employees would have to try fix the issue themselves which could take a very long time or never at all. During this time they are having a problem, work is not being completed. Therefore IT are very vital in making sure that all the computers are working so that the work could be done. If the equipment doesn?t work then BP can?t operate and therefore they are very important in keeping the company running and contributes to their success. Additionally, another support role is human resources. Human resources is about retention, dismissal and employing people. Tasks HR would do would include staff training, performance evaluations, career planning, health and safety, job classification, working conditions and unions. Human resources recruit employees to work in the different departments at BP. So if there was no HR there would be no employees to work; then BP wouldn?t be able to operate. Consequently, HR are vital in making sure there are specialised trained employees being recruited and if not, provide the adequate training for employees. Another support role that is vital in BP?s success is Reception. Reception is usually located in the front of buildings. They will receive or greet any visitors, take telephone calls, send emails and to help staff with problems they may have such as finding the location to something. ...read more.


They will book meetings and then inform the senior member when these are and inform when special events are happening, they will send and receive emails, talk to anybody who needs information from the senior member beforehand. Without personal assistants, those in senior roles wouldn?t be able to organise their day and do all the hard work they do. Personal assistants can do the small jobs while managers can complete the important work which improves efficiency. They play an important role in the organisation of those in senior roles which has a direct positive impact on senior management and therefore helps run the company successfully. Lastly, Maintenance and cleaners at BP make sure that all buildings are clean and everything is working correctly. For instance, the cleaners, clean the toilets, tea and coffee area, restock tea and coffee and stationary. Maintenance may fix the coffee machine if it?s not working anymore or fix the printer. Maintenance and cleaners insure that all equipment and facilities are at a high standard to make employees comfortable and happy. If everything employees need is there and everything is working well and clean it will motivate them in their work and help with the efficiency of the company. Overall, support roles are very vital in BP; without them the company wouldn?t be able to run efficiently or not at all. They contribute largely to BP?s success. Unit 33 D1 ...read more.

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