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SWOT Analysis of Ryan Air

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SWOT - Analysis Strengths: * Ryanair have a well established brand which has been around for the last 14 years. With the help of low airport charges, and upto 94% of their booking being on the internet they are able to offer their customers with low air tickets. All of Ryanair's fleet are boeing aircrafts which saves on maintenance and training; and the aircrafts are highly utilised which increases the revenue from the asset further. ...read more.


As being 1 of the competitors in its markets, Ryanair have limited any further growth due to having a niche market. Even though Ryanair have a well established business, their workforce do tend to lack in people skills which is the forefront for their business when dealing with customers. Ryanair's low cost airlines are highly dependant on low business costs. Opportunities * Ryanair have highly been focused in the European sector, with new countries coming under the EU belt Ryanair have the opportunity to also target these new countries. ...read more.


In the low budget market, customers are highly price conscious and so an increase may deter customers from the company. Easyjet are seen as a major competitor for the company and sometimes they both take ruthless decisions to attack one another's pricing; it would be a good idea for both to work together. Ryanair could also to some extent be dependant on the economic climate as a boom could deter business from them and a slump could refer business to them. ...read more.

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