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System design for Hollywood Nights Video Rental

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Hollywood Nights Video Rental INTRODUCTION The company name is Hollywood Nights. It is a small business solely located in Enfield, North London, with no other branches. The business allows its customers to hire out a variety of films. It is a relatively small shop and has approximately 300 members who live in and around the town of Enfield. As the local population is ever increasing in the popular area, it is attracting more and more customer, with its customer base increasing every year. The shop is owned and managed by Gary Lane. He set up the business two years ago and has two other staff working in the shop on a part time basis. Films can be rented for �3.50 a day. The store is open 7 days a week, and its opening times are 10 am to 10 pm on Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday they are 11am to 10 pm. Statement of the Problem to be Solved With its increasing customer the store has found that it has had trouble with the amount of data that has to be handled manually through paperwork, thus it requires a system that can hold all customer details, a system, which the store can view all titles currently held by the store, and where the store can track customers that have not returned their rented purchases by the due back date. ...read more.


If the shop is quite busy some customers may not feel inclined to give away their personal details in front of other customers. At the end of the day the employees have to check the logbook to see whether what videos were due back that day and which are due back the next day. The video cases of those that are due back the next day are put in their top draw ready for the next day. Those that have not been returned that day are placed in the bottom draw and at the end of the week the customers are contacted. The new computerised solution that I wish to introduce to this video store will save more time than using a manual system and will prevent any unnecessary stress for both customers and the employees. Customer's personal information will be stored in a database. When a customer rents out a video there is no need to give out personal details each time. All that will need to be done is to scan the customers membership barcode and their details should appear on the screen as their information has already been entered into a database. The only question that may need to be asked would be 'How long would you like to rent out the video for?' The employee will enter the number given, the film in which is being rented out and they will have to input the number on the video case into the computer. ...read more.


The minimum specification will be slower in running programs than the recommended system, though it will cost less. It also means that if new software is released, the computers specification may be too low to be compatible. The solution will be installed on a computer on which is a Windows 95 system and the workstation which consists of a 200 MHz MMX processor coupled to 32 Mb RAM and 4 Mb graphics cards. Gary has no problem with the amount of storage available. Access will be able to perform efficiently with the amount of RAM available. The graphics card will allow complex screens to be refreshed at fairly fast rates. The Development will be performed mostly at school, on the school network which has a minimum specification of machines with 32 Mb RAM and 200Mhz Processors, This is nearly the same as Gary Lane's shop computer so I will be able to see how fast or slow it will work. Software Video World's Applications Suite is the Microsoft Office 97 Professional, which includes Word 97, Excel 97, Access 97 and PowerPoint 97. The development will be performed at school using Access 97 as part of the total Office 97 Professional suite. As Video world uses Microsoft Office 97 there shall be no difficulties in exporting files. Also I have Microsoft Office 97 so I will be able to do perform some of the tasks at home. ?? ?? ?? ?? Angelo Parla ...read more.

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