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Systems Analysis

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Summaries the stages of the systems cycle and identify some of the methods or its variations used for systems analysis highlighting their features. P1 Brief Introduction: In this task, I need to summarise the stages of the systems cycle Definition of SDLC: System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - a methodology used to develop, maintain, and replace information systems. The stage in the SDLC are : Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing, Implementation * The stages of the systems cycle Feasibility study- Feasibility study is usually carried out by a team of people with experience in information systems techniques, with knowledge of the type of system being proposed and who are skilled in systems analysis and design. The team will be responsible for determining whether the benefits of the proposed system can justify the costs involved in developing it. For example, a company may decide to introduce accounting system include sales invoice, so that when company customers buy goods, a sale invoice sent from company to request payment from the buyer, and that can lead to improve the company efficiency Analysis- If the feasibility study produces a good report, the next stage, is making a detailed analysis of the current system. The systems analyst will investigate all aspects of the current system: * what services are being offered * how they are being performed * how well they are done * what staff are involved and the nature of their involvement * what is lacking in ...read more.


This database should allow the user to open up a form, select from a list of pre-entered customer names (I've made a form that allow the user to manually add/edit the customer table), once it is chosen, the next form should have the customer information filled in according to the selection, a worksheet at the bottom will allow user to enter an invoice number, the total invoice amount, and sum up the amounts. A report is produce and printed on. The user should also be able to go back and track how much is paid by a particular customer. I have created 3 tables. Customer table (name, address, city, postcode) Customer number table (customer Number will be primary key, total amount) Invoice table. Southall illustration will have to design and planning the software by diagram flow chart according to the customer needs. Analysis and Design are very important in the whole development cycle. Any problem in the design stage could be very expensive to solve in the later stage of the software development. Much care is taken during this stage. Testing Once I finish create software I will have to test the interface to make sure the system work as intended and it does what customer they requires Implementation In this stage, the system designers will put in the new system, installing and setting up software, creating data files and training people to use the system. ...read more.


P3 There are five main methods, which can be used to gather information in Systems analysts such as; 1. Interviewing- can be gathered directly from the person who have experience of the system under investigation 2. Questionnaires- Questionnaires are useful when only a small amount of information is required from a large number of people. To provide accurate responses, questions need to be clear and accurate 3. Examination of records and procedure manuals- The examination of records can be a useful method of discovering what procedures are carried out. 4. Examination of documents - The analyst should examine all documents used in a system, to ensure that each fulfils some purpose, also clear and satisfies its purpose. 5. Observation- Record of the facts and information often the observation will be carried out in an informal way, Observation should always be carried out with skill and staff under observation should be made fully aware of its purpose. I have decided to choose questionnaires method to gather information in Systems analysts, because it useful when only a small amount of information is required from a large number of people Summaries the key finding of the interview about the current system and how would you improve it What is lacking in the system that systems are currently carried out manually such as; producing invoices, tracking customer's orders, and all financial information, the system can be improved by installing a new accounting system that deal with all the manual tasks. . ?? ?? ?? ?? Systems Analysis ...read more.

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