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Taking the subject Business Studies at Woodbridge School.

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Project 1 I am basing my I.T. project on creating a website which displays information about taking the subject Business Studies at Woodbridge School. My purpose is to produce an effective website, which is eye-catching and simple to use. I am creating these pages on Microsoft Front Page - a website editor/creator. It will show a general outlook on business studies, GCSE business studies course, AS and A2 level Business Studies course and Business Studies lessons at Woodbridge School. I collected my information from the business studies teachers at Woodbridge School, 6th form booklets from Woodbridge School, GCSE booklets from Woodbridge School, and from the website http://www.learn.co.uk/. I gathered up all my information and read through it all. I highlighted the relevant information, and planned which pages it should go on. The booklets I collected from Woodbridge School were extremely useful, they covered a lot of what business studies is like, and what your expected to do and learn. Miss Piper (My Business Studies teacher) also provided a lot of useful information of what business studies lessons at Woodbridge School are like. ...read more.


* Easy editing of all information which is up (you can just delete things, and if it were written by hand, you would have to cross it out, which would make it appear messy) * Computers have the ability of spelling and grammar checking. * You can use a set design so you don't need to changed colours, fonts etc every time you create a new page. However, disadvantages include: * If the website servers go down, the web page will not be accessible. * If you do not have the Internet, or a computer, you will not be able to access the information. * If you were to continue to make this website from a different computer, without the ability of the software and hardware that you used before, you would not be able to create the same effect. Another disadvantage to using a computer is the health and safety matters, this can include repetitive strain injury, eyestrain, back problems, ozone irritation, radiation, epilepsy and stress. Although, many of these problems can be solved. ...read more.


I used web-editing software to create the website. This task would have been impossible without a computer, as the website can only be viewed using a computer with a web browser. Alternative ways to produce information about my topic would have been writing booklets or producing posters. I think creating a website is more effective, as you can view the site world wide using a computer which is connected to the Internet. There are many do's and don'ts regarding computer and work safety. Some of them are: Do's Don'ts Save your work regularly, the computer may crash and your work will be lost. Smoke can damage computers. Do not allow smoking near computers. Store backups in a secure location, as if a computer system goes down you will have backups of your work. Food and drink are common causes of computer damage. Don't eat or drink near your computer. Log off when you are finished using your computer Don't put your machines behind glass walls where people can watch passwords being typed in. Sit properly and comfortably Do not move or adjust equipment without permission Bring only what you need into the room. Use the equipment in an un-appropriate manner. Remember your password and keep it secure Do not interfere with other computers ...read more.

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