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Talk about and describe three functional areas of business.

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TASK B Your name: Adam Tunstall Your instructor's name: Michael Dodd Your class: GCSE Business Studies Double Award The date: 1st June 2003 Introduction In this report I will talk about and describe three functional areas of business. The three functional areas will be linked with how my chosen business Barclay's. The three functional areas I have chosen include Marketing and Sales, Operations and Customer Services. The above picture is taken from a book called GCSE in Applied Business written by Carol Carysforth, Mike Neild and produced by Heinemann. Marketing and Sales Marketing and Sales is responsible for making sure customers know about the business. This may include market research, advertising and sales promotions, the creation and development of a website or web store (although its maintenance may be undertaken by IT support staff). The sales department is responsible for selling the items to the customer and keeping sales records. I think my business Barclays does think of marketing as a separate function. Other businesses consider it as fundamental to the way the business operates. This means that every part of the business thinks about the customer first. Operations is concerned with quality and providing goods or services on time. In Barclays Plc I think that finance is concerned with following up queries about accounts promptly. Human resources are concerned with recruiting staff. Marketing staff always aim to be ahead. They try to identify the future customer needs, and then other departments try to fulfill these. ...read more.


The amount of specialist equipment required for any type of business will vary, depending upon the extent to which and process is automated. Automation means that machines do the work instead of human beings. Examples of automation include the following; * Robots perform dangerous, dirty, monotonous or intricate jobs. Some industrial robots are just 'arms', programmed to do jobs such as welding, paint spraying, machine loading and basic assembly work. Multiarm robots have been developed to do different jobs simultaneously. Because they can be very expensive, these are more likely to be found in large organizations. Robots are also used in other areas. In medicine, they can be used to help move patients who are immobilized or paralyzed. They are also being developed to carry out delicate operations, such as brain surgery, because their movements can be precisely programmed and repeated as required. * Digitized telephone systems - a computer voice answers the telephone and directs customers to select different options depending upon their individual need. This helps to 'screen' calls and directs them to the right person. * Automated mailroom equipment deals with computer-produced bulk mail- shots. The equipment automatically folds and inserts the documents, seals the envelope, weighs and franks it with the correct postage. Staff at Barclays are required at different levels and with different skills, as you will see managers take responsibility for a particular type of function. Supervisors may be employed to oversee the work of people involved in the actual face to face service of Barclays such as bank teller workers. ...read more.


Sales and marketing would then contact customer services who would then get in touch with the customer and tell them that the problem has been fixed. There is one fault about this process and that is that it takes time for each of the functional areas to get into contact with each other. And as one smart person in business once said that time is money. The process would work quicker if business worked as a group but then it would be disorganized and totally unmanageable. How effectively to these functional areas work together? These functional areas play an essential part in any business especially Barclay's Plc. Marketing and Sales do exactly what it says they get provide the business with customers an essential part in any business. Operations take care of all the roar materials if you like that Barclay's needs for example ordering paper, computers and sorting money. Customer service also do exactly what they say they provide services to the customers in a bank these would mostly be setting up account services or helping customers to fill out forms. Functional areas have to work together or else the business wouldn't function for example is there wasn't a Marketing and Sales Department then Barclay's would have very little customers and the business wouldn't make anough profit to survive in the business world. Methods of Communication Methods of communication in Barclays are the most common. These are electronic communication by this I mean e-mail, cash machines and online banking to name a few. And then we have hand written communication by this I mean letter, faxes and forms. Then we have oral communication by this I mean face-to-face, telephone and answering machines. ...read more.

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