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Task 6 developing customer Relations

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In this assignment I will be planning script of a telephone call between me and a customer of the ozone health club. The phone call will be based on a customer complaint about the showers and I have to make them feel as if happy and keep their membership with Ozone health club. Good morning customer service at Ozone health club. It's Tousif Ahmed speaking how my I help you Not happy with shower..... ...read more.


time that your current membership does not allow you to use plus all the services that your membership does allow you to use. Arguments The showers were only unavailable for 2 days I think the offer of 4 week free subscriptions is very reasonable Can I have your name Card number Thank you for calling In this assignment be planned a script of a telephone call between me and a customer of the ozone health club. ...read more.


I apologised again and told her we would send a plumber as soon as possible. She replied that she was going to cancel her membership unless I gave her 2 week free subscription for the whole family. I agreed to this as I had been going to offer her 4week free subscription and she said she was happy with it. Then I took her name and card number. Then I said very sorry for the problem it will not happed again Than you for calling. ?? ?? ?? ?? Task 6 unit 2 Developing customer Relations BTEC Business Oxford community school ...read more.

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