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team building

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Task 1 (P1): Discuss and compare the different types of team and the benefits of different teams for different objectives Introduction The organisation that I will be talking about is Arsenal Football Club. Arsenal Football Club is a professional football team in the premier division of the English Football League which is run by the Football Association. Arsenal Football Club is an informal and formal team. They are formal on the pitch because they have to respect each other as well as the referee. Off the pitch Arsenal Football Club are an informal team this is shown by the way the players communicate with each other; be it verbal or non-verbal. Another Way that it is apparent that Arsenal Football Club is an informal team is by their use of body language towards each other. The size of Arsenal Football Club is large as there is more than one team because there is the backroom staff team, coaching team and the team of footballers who play week in-week out. The interesting factor about Arsenal Football Club is that without one of these three teams the others won't function properly, so in order to keep the balance all three teams have to work together with each other to make sure that their aims and targets are met. Responsibilities Team Business Line management Backroom staff To make sure the players are fit to play, to make sure the kits are ready, to keep the pitch neat and finely cut To treat injured players in the correct manner, Coaching team To train the players each week, sort out tactics, pick the team, assign the captain, sort out player and staff contracts To make sure the tactics that are being used are getting the right results, to make sure that all players/staff contracts don't expire Football players To perform on the pitch, to increase shirt sales through performance, to advertise club merchandise To make sure they win as many games as possible, to listen and follow the ...read more.


Implementing change There are many problems in trying to force change within a team. In doing this some of the team members might feel less values as they might have less or more to do, than the other members, than they had before. A team can influence change in both a positive way and a negative way. The positives could be that: * The team end product wasn't efficient enough so the change helps increase efficiency * Members of the team might fell more valued as they have more responsibility on their shoulders * Could boost morale * Would increase personal development The negatives could be that: * Stop personal development * Decrease performance * Lose respect for fellow team members * Member's lose focus * Poor organisational structure * Decrease efficiency Fostering Innovation A team is much more creative than individuals because a team takes the skills from each member of the team and puts it together to increase the efficiency. The good thing about having a team is that the different roles can help certain members focus because of an authority figure giving them orders. Accountability Overall Organisation Objective Team Objective Individual Objective * To remove the debts owed to banks * To make the organisation known worldwide * Sell out matches every week * To increase revenue * Go as far as they can in all competitions * To score as many goals as they can * Beat all rivals * Win all competitions * Reducing reliance on key individuals by learning from each other * To improve personal skills * To contribute to the team * To earn the right to get a pay increase * To get into the starting eleven * To become a fans favourites Team Building My chosen organisation has to make a lot of considerations when recruiting new team members. The main consideration would be are they worth their value; because Arsenal Football Club is part of the Football Association, they have to abide to rules which are set out to make the game as fair as possible. ...read more.


Finally punish the troublemakers by using team feedback and a conflict resolution process. Leadership Having the correct leader for any team is very important because this causes serious changes to the team. Having a disorganised leader for any team will cause the members of the team to lose respect for the leader and each other in the team. Whereas having someone who is punctual, organised, good communicator and who has an interest in the team will be beneficial to the team as this will motivate the team members to respect one another, work harder, and become more efficient as well as having a good organisational structure within the team. Training/Coaching/Mentoring The players of Arsenal Football Club are constantly trained, several times a week, to prepare them for the football games against other football teams. Within the training sessions they discuss tactics which are done accordingly to player's skill levels. This helps them become more confident and their skills levels improve as well as their teamwork. The reason their teamwork increases is because they learn to play with the same team members every week so they get used to the way they play and they can adjust their playing style to suit that of the team so the efficiency increases. The difference between training, coaching and mentoring is that: * Training is teaching a team member a certain skill so they can use it to their advantage within the team and for the teams benefit, passing the ball for example * Coaching is supporting, explaining, demonstrating, instructing and directing team members through encouragement and asking questions * Mentoring is focusing on a certain aspect of a team member's skill and working on that until it improves, speed for example. This is much more personal and takes longer for the team member to learn the skill because of the fact that you focus on this single skill until it is gained ?? ?? ?? ?? Shahnawaz Mann Unit 19 - Exploring team development Page 1 Jo Kitson ...read more.

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