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Team working

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Unit 9: Managing and developing people Introduction In this part of my coursework, I will be explaining a group activity or teal working in our business which is the high school musical stalls which is all about selling merchandise product. In this team I'm the one participating of this team and I hope that I will work correctly my responsibility in my team. In our group activity in our team will be working on team structure which is defining our duties and responsibility inside the business and the leadership style will also be discussed - means that what types of leadership style we used to managing our people at work. Also I must evaluate the team theorist which is applicable in our team and discussing the other factors that affect the performance level of team work means what kind of skills or qualities of our team members inside the business. On the group activity with my team, we are working on the type of planning, technique and preparation of our merchandise business. Our business will be selling High School Musical merchandise inside from the College of Archbishop where they have a high school musical concert. Our business will provide and selling different kinds of High school musical merchandise items and we selling sweet food as well. In our preparation we arrange the tables within two parts so that when the peoples coming, they see our selling products. Team Working About the team working - it is important to consider my own job in team in the business. Team working for me is to encourage my other team workers to create good communicate each other so that can lead a wide range of good team working as a group which can lead to high motivated. The Diagram below shows our team structure in our business, which also belbin team working role: In this structure of our team, its shows that our team have a different duties and responsibilities to run a business, including making objectives with the business. ...read more.


This can be done if our team have a desire to improve the customer services and high growth in the business. In the relationship within the team is like important to our business as well because they can help people communicate better with one another, and friendships contribute to the job satisfaction. In that case our team will be comfortable relying each other and individual can be developing their own skills which can be future success in the business. We are more motivated working as a team because we felt that there is a loyalty and respect means that we tried our best to improved the future growth for our business is the future. The last thing is we also benefits for being to able to learn a new skills from each other which means that we sharing skills and qualities each other for making successful business growth in the business. The limitation of our company is like if one of our member of the team didn't corporate or sharing information on running a business, Its possible that our business going down and going to saturation and decline stage because people inside from the business haven't don't care on cooperating and running a business, Or even if one members of the team have a mistake for making a decision within the business, it can be lead a poor quality product and services or misleading. Another limitation for our company is the merchandise product we sell has not well enough profit because of the bad quality to the eye of customers and selling a very high price each product which leads a poor profit within the business. Its is because we have not using a pricing strategies in the business, my team has responsibility to talk each other and comment what pricing strategies we using so that people encouraging to buy our merchandise product. But opportunely in the second day and third day selling a merchandise product to the customers is gaining a profit and ...read more.


Resources Investigator Develop contacts, communicate well, explore new ideas and opportunities, and bring enthusiasm and drive to the team effort. On the downside, they may lose enthusiasm quickly, and are often overly optimistic. Plant Problem solver, Original and making new ideas and creative Poor communicators and can tend to ignore given parameters and constraints. Monitor Evaluator Good judgment, good strategic thinking ability and very strategic Poor motivators who react to events rather than instigating them Specialist Provide knowledge and skills who can contribute information and knowledge in a team situation. Limitation for their contribution I think the strength and weaknesses to our team is based when we work together for out business. Its like when one member want to change a job, obviously they do not want that roles but I think our sharper in the team which is Sean is they provide a good motivator for our team which can be driven to complete our task with no complaining happen. I was the resources investigator of our team which bringing new ideas and opportunities for my team. The implementer who is my brother Kevin was able to discipline with us during our work and being able to help new ideas as well to complete the work. Kyle is the completer for our time which making sure that all work must be done on time. The coordinator and specialist which is role of Sean and Claudia which means coordinating and organising our team and specialist which teaching us what we do next session. The team worker and monitor evaluator role of drew and Thom is where help us to communicate clearly and the last one is Claudia role which is plant which she bringing new ideas and one of our problem solver making in our team. For our team I see that all Belbin's team working responsibilities are covered and hopefully that we successful our team in future making. If there is any problem with our team, we make sure that we solved the problem immediately. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jayson Calagos Business Studies ...read more.

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