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Telecommuting: Issues and Impact:

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Telecommuting: Issues and Impact: Benefits: With the introduction of telecommuting comes an increase in the employability of groups such as the disabled, or those who live in remote areas. People telecommuting will also have; 1. A flexible schedule which would allow more time for other activities, 2. More time spent with the family, friends 3. Control over the office environment and reduced stress level as your able to relax a lot more, 4. Confidence building in that successfully working from home will give you the confidence of knowing you have done something all by yourself, 5. Saves money for e.g on transport. Negative: However, there is the issue of efficiency that must be taken into concern. If employees are working at home then the employer cannot be sure if the employee is doing work rather. ...read more.


One risk is that intruders will be able to access corporate systems without having to be on site. In addition to intruders whose goal may be mischief, hacking is attractive to people trying to steal or misuse corporate information. Another risk of telecommuting is that corporate information can be read, and potentially modified, while it is being transmitted. To curb this, a business can have the following solution. They could use a secure gateway, called a firewall which blocks or filters access between two networks, often between a private network and a larger, more public network such as the Internet or public switched network. For telecommuting, organisations must decide what to make available to telecommuting employees using public networks, what degree to ensure that only authorised users can get to the internal network, and how to ensure that the secure gateway works properly. ...read more.


They could even lose money if the data is extremely important. However, the integrity of data can be kept if the business implements some ground rules. Firstly, the company could hold the employee responsible for the integrity and confidentiality of the data. If the employee does not do this with utmost care then they would be fired. Obviously, if the data is highly confidential, this is not a good choice. Another option is to use a removable hard drives. If corporate data is stored on a removable hard drive, the risk is greatly reduced as a backup copy cannot be tampered with, and is not easily found if kept safe. The final option that the business could implement would be using data encryption. This protects confidentiality while detecting changes to files. Only the business members would be able to decrypt this file; however they must be trustworthy for the data to be fully secured. http://www.bizonline-content.com/bizresourceonline/images/articleimages/telecommuting.jpg Links: http://www.allfreelance.com/article0015.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecommuting ...read more.

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