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Tesco - Aims and Objectives

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Tesco - Aims and Objectives Introduction The name of the company that I am going to be studying is called Tesco. Tesco is an international franchise. It has its headquarters in Chesunt, but has many stores around the country. These stores are in many cities including Manchester, Birmingham, and London. It has many types of stores and includes Tesco Extra (24 hour), Tesco Metro (located in town centres) and Tesco Express (attached to garages). It sells many things including food and non-food items. These items include: toys, food, drinks, toiletry, CDs, videos, DVDs, books, cosmetics, medicine, tobacco, alcohol, fruits, vegetables, electrical goods, clothes, organic food. The type of ownership that my company has is public limited company. This means it is a large company with many employees. It has shares on the stock exchange and anyone over 18 can invest in a share. This will make anyone who has bought the share a part owner of the joint stock. ...read more.


The price they charge for them. Quality goods cost more to make and buy therefore Tesco need to focus on their budget and get high quality goods for cheaper prices. This process will include researching for local and cheap suppliers. Tesco need to provide a highly competitive service to over come any competitors. Normally the more people in that market the cheaper the prices. Tesco need to provide more services than their competitors to beat them in the market: Being environmentally friendly Pollution, waste disposal, recycling and energy use Do not want bad publicity over environmental issues Reasons for Corporate Objectives Market share Profit maximisation Growth Diversification OBJECTIVES The objectives of a business are closely related to its aims and should fulfil two essential criteria. They should be: Quantifiable defined in way that can be measured. Achievable they must be targets that the business can realistically meet. Some typical objectives of a business might include: To sell more of its products than a competitor. To provide more goods/services this year than it did last year. ...read more.


To be Energetic and innovative and to take risks in making life better for our customers. To earn the respect of staff for these values and to appreciate their contribution to achieving them. To recognise that brilliant employees are working for them and to use this strength to make the customers shopping trip enjoyable in every way possible which, no competitor can. Strategies to over come these Objectives: By doing this Tesco will earn the respect and trust of their customers. To use intelligence and technology will improve the way customers can enhance themselves in the store. Intelligence will help tesco provide greater facilities and more technical things which will help them in the future. To be energetic, this will help increase customer rates by initiating quicker service. By earning the respect of staff Tesco are able to motivate and increase their reputation and to run the business they need staff. By realising that brilliant employees are working with them Tesco has the ability to ask more from its employees. ` ?? ?? ?? ?? Rizwan Iqbal ...read more.

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