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Tesco - find out are they meeting these aims and how they meet these aims. Through the investigation I will compare their cost with other supermarket, their store environment, their staffs' skill, services and their products' quality.

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Introduction Customer service is the most important aspect of any business. Without an adequate relationship with its consumer base, a company is at an enormous disadvantage. Today's world competition is very strong in every kind of businesses. Every organisations must provide high quality products or services in order to survive, however their competitors also providing the same or comparable products or services. An important way to an organisation to get an edge over its competitors is to provide extra service to satisfy and delight their customers, which can retain them and also gain new customers. Therefore the achievement of customer satisfaction must be a major objective in all organisations. To achieve customer satisfaction, an organisation has to provide high quality products and also provide a excellent customer service. When the service and product that the company provided is good, they can obtain customer loyalty. The customers will go again and again and would probably tell their friends. In return, the company can gain lot of customers. Moreover, by this mouth promotion, the reputation of the organisation can be enhanced. And this organisation will soon achieve an increase in market share and profit. Aims of investigation Tesco is aim to provide the best possible value for their customers' money. ...read more.


Therefore, kids or baby can sit down on the trolley and shopping with their mother or family. Tesco also has kids trolley, which is a small trolley for kids to shopping. So, the kids can also do their own shopping and will not feel boring. For disables: there have special trolleys for disables people in Tesco, which can connect to the front of wheel chair. Therefore, disables people can do their shopping easily with their wheel chair. Tesco also will sent staff to help hand crippled customers. 2. Car park Tesco have a large and clean under roof car park, which is secured and ticketed. There have a car cleaning service inside the car park; it is convenience for their customers to clean their car. The car park also have some special area for disable' vehicles. Therefore, disables can easy to find a place to park their car. 3. Health and safety Tesco keep their shopping area very clean and tidy. All of their products are on the shelve tidily, and they separate their products into different groups with instruction. Therefore customers can easy to get the products they want. Tesco have security guards at the entrance to protect the shop and customers, they make sure that all customers in Tesco are shopping in a safety place. ...read more.


This Act states that manufacturers must produce goods on a certain safety level and that traders cannot sell unsafely products. It also prohibits traders to give misleading information about their sale prices. It is a criminal offence if find that a trader breaches any of the rules in this act knowingly. There are civil laws and criminal laws. If it is a criminal law and found guilty may face a fine or imprisonment. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 This Act covers the sale of goods, services and the hiring of goods. If a customer is dissatisfied about a service which he had bought, he cannot be returned to the trader, so this Act are specially protects the consumer in buying a service. This Act allows consumers to ask for a refund or compensation for any loss or damage caused by a faulty service. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) The Advertising Standards Authority is a voluntary body set up to monitor advertising in the UK. It is responsible for making sure that advertisers conform to the British codes of advertising and sales promotion practice. They state that advertisements must be legal, decent, honest and truthful and must not cause grave or widespread offence. Advertisements which are referred to the ASA, often by members of the public, will not be handled by the media. The ASA, therefore, has the power to ensure that the code is upheld by the advertisers. ...read more.

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