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Tesco must follow the statutory duties of employers and employees relating to health, safety and welfare

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Humzah Ahmad Unit 27 – P1 Explain the legal requirements for ensuring the H&S and security of those employed Introduction- in this report i will be explaining the legal requirements for ensuring the health, safety and security of those employed at Washwood heath Academy. Legislation: On estimate there are around 1.6 million accidents each year in the work place with a cost to British industry of around £700m. This may seem like a large number of accidents but compared to many other countries the safety record of workers in Britain is good. The reason for this is that we have a strong set of laws passed by parliament and the European Union that aim to protect employees. When Tesco begins to employee people to work there, they must be following the health and safety legislations and regulations that affect a business working environment, this is so that employees will always be safe when in the workplace. Statutory duties of employers and employees relating to health, safety and welfare: In the past health and safety in the workplace was very much the employer’s responsibility. Now, employees have more rights and responsibilities and the emphasis has shifted so that current health and safety focus on employers and employees working as a partnership to ensure that everyone is safe in the workplace. ...read more.


risk assessment procedures, along with all risk assessments, a fire evacuation procedure and relevant training records. The workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 The regulations have been law since 1995 and apply to all workplaces except transport, construction sites and what are known as ?extractive industries? (mines, agriculture and forestry industries) away from any main buildings. The regulations apply to employers, landlords or persons in control of business premises and the self employed. The aim of the regulations is to ensure that the basic welfare needs of employees are dealt with. These welfare needs are broken down into two broad areas: Tesco must also follow the workplace regulations 1992 which is law that can affect employers, landlords, or persons in control of a business premises or self employed, this law needs to protect the working environment and facilities, the working environment for example must contain things like Ventilation, falls or falling objects must be clearly restricted, ability to clean safely. Tesco must also contain reasonable facilities for their employees such as sanitary conveniences, drinking water and other facilities that may be a place to change clothes and there must be a facility for pregnant women and nursing mothers. ...read more.


This includes testing all new equipment to ensure that it is safe, maintain their electrical systems correctly to prevent danger, have repaired or closed any electrical systems that cause danger. The Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 Businesses that have been dominated by the use of computers and IT equipment such as Tesco must follow ?The Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992?. To prevent health problems when using IT equipment Tesco will have to * Assess workstations and their users to see if there is any risk * Reduce or eliminate recognised risks * Ensure the workstations meet minimum requirements * Ensure that employees? work includes breaks and changes from screen use * Provide users with an eye and eyesight test and treatment where necessary * Explain to staff about the health and safety aspects of their job. Users are defined in the regulations as an employee who habitually uses display screen equipment as a significant part of their normal work?. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 When manual handling in Tesco, they must follow The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 which in attempt tries to minimise the risk of Manual Handling. This law will place a duty on all employers, so far as it possible, to avoid the need for employees to undertake any manual handling operations when working at Tesco which involve a risk of them being injured. ...read more.

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