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Tesco SWOT Analysis

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´╗┐Tesco?s strengths are that they have a strategy which attracts customers this strategy is club card points. And offers like but one get one free attract customers. Tesco slogan attracts customers very well ?every little helps?. Many store open worldwide. They offer food and electrical goods. All Tesco have the same price and offers on. Tesco have recently diversified in delivery so customers can buy online. Tesco is a national company. Size- tesco has many branches around this is so they can provide more services for customers. Very large organisation. Set up all around the U.K now are becoming global. They can have more profits because they are worldwide. Also they have a good reputation. Also brand loyalty. The larger you are the more economies of scale you have. Strong senior management- good decisions, good reputation. Work force will be happy because they are good managers. More suppliers. Workers will be monitored. Flexible formats- tesco have flexible ways to let customers get hold of products such as online deliveries and a big store. Also flexible way to pay such as credit card, debit cards, cheques, cash checkouts. ...read more.


Threat of terrorist they will need good secretary and good insurance, also nature disasters. E.g. the earthquake in Japan. As they make their building abroad they will have to make sure they use sold brick and solid materials that are earthquake proof. There is lots of regulation when building new stores. The government has set lots of rules to set new store up. Eating out in the Uk- a lot more families are eating out and getting take away therefore that sales will go down in tesco people will start to spend less on their weekly shopping. As this trend continues sales in tesco will go down. This trend will get worse and worse as years go by. So this will be a threat for tesco. Business lifestyle people want be cooking that much and would prefer take outs. Premium- as people is getting more money they want to spend the money on top quality. Sales could decrease because people want more quality products. So they would go to wait rose and marks and Spencer. Planning permission- government have to agree if you can build a building. ...read more.


Complaints- Hygiene- NHS has had a lot of complaints due to their hygiene level. This was a news headline for bbc news in 2002. The complaint was: ?Two in five former NHS patients taking part in a survey say they spotted examples of poor hygiene in their hospital. And 15% said they rated the hospital as "generally dirty", and a quarter said that they got the impression that cleanliness was unimportant to staff. All of the observations were made during the last 12 months - during a government drive to boost hospital hygiene. Ministers now claim that every hospital has been inspected and comes up to "acceptable standards" of cleanliness. Fears about hospital hygiene have been increased by the rise in antibiotic resistant "super bugs". Hospital-acquired infections are estimated to cost the NHS many millions every year as sickly patients need extra treatment and longer stays. Each year, thousands of people die following such infections. One in ten of the former patients surveyed by NOP said they had picked up some kind of infection shortly after leaving hospital - the majority within a week. Those who had visited hospital more than once in the past year were asked if standards seemed to be improving. ...read more.

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