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The above chart compares the usability features of three contrasting websites, namely Amazon.co.uk, Directgov.uk and WWf.org.uk.

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´╗┐Sam Campbell Business Studies Mr. Depledge. Unit 34. P2 THE USABILITY FEATURES OF THREE CONTRASTING WEBSITES 10 = Excellent through to 1 = Very Poor Amazon Directgov WWF FIRST IMPRESSIONS Download time 10 9 8 Look and feel - readability 9 7 5 Feeling of wanting more - depth of site 10 9 3 Contact details 5 6 7 Statement from management 5 6 6 Are you made to register to get into site? 8 10 10 Total score for section 47 47 39 NAVIGATION Ease of use 10 10 8 Site map 10 10 9 Return to Home Page from any page 10 10 10 Internal search engine 10 10 10 Opens multiple windows 9 10 10 Total score for section 49 50 47 CONTENT Useful information 10 10 9 Use of graphics 9 8 10 Use of animation 4 2 5 Use of sound 1 1 7 Reviews and testimonials 10 4 9 Paragraphs used 10 10 10 Up-to-datedness 10 10 10 FAQ?s 10 10 10 Total score for section 64 55 70 ATTRACTORS Invitation to register for something 10 8 10 Competitions 1 1 10 Special offers 10 3 7 Freebies 5 1 3 External links 10 3 4 Newsletter 5 1 10 Total score for section 46 17 44 OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION ...read more.


WWF had the best ?content? usability feature with 70 points, followed by Amazon with 64points and lastly Directgov with 55points. WWF?s website for content was best as it had clearly labelled topics and the text was broken up into small paragraphs. I find overwhelming text very boring. Websites have got less than 10 seconds to hook their visitors, so it is important for a website to grab their attention by being clear, concise and compelling, which is what the WWF website does for ?content? usability. The WWF website seems to update their content regularly, this is important as visitors to the site do not want to read the same thing over and over again. Dead or static content will stop visitors returning to a website. Graphics and animation can have a very positive impact on user experience and although Amazon and Directgov did have graphics they did not have any forms of animation or sound which I feel can sell a product or service. The WWF website had animated banners, snappy videos and interactive content which added to the site's interest factor and is a good way of keeping visitors to the site around longer. Also the WWF website provided downloadable podcasts, presentations and forms for users who could not stay long, but wanted to take some of the information with them. ...read more.


Usability in a website is when you don?t need to pick up a manual to learn how to use it, that, to me, has great usability. When you can go to a website and navigate around without getting confused, that is usability. When something is usable you don?t have to think how to use it. This means there is very little to learn, which grows your confidence in the company that created the product. This confidence may ultimately lead to the purchasing of other products from that company because you?ve come to expect a high level of usability from past dealings. Usability breeds familiarity which leads to a positive user experience. If there were two websites that contained exactly the same information and graphics, the website that was the most usable would win more sales every time. After comparing the usability features of Amazon, Directgov and WWF I found that Amazon had the best usability features of the three websites. Out of a possible 320 points, Amazon got 267 points, WWF got 249 points and Directgov got 206 points. The difficult thing with usability is that it?s subjective ? you might think a horizontal menu on a web site is easy to use, while I might prefer a vertical one ? so companies have to aim to make something usable for the overwhelming majority of people, because no matter what they do they?ll never please everyone. ...read more.

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