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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of being self Employed And Working for a Large Company.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of being self Employed And Working for a Large Company One of the advantages of being self-employed is that you get a bigger share of the profits that the company makes, when you work for a smaller company you only get what your paid, nothing extra, unless you work on commission. You also get more flexibility about the hours you work and the holidays you can take, if you work for a large company you do what hours the company tells you to do and you only have a certain amount of time that you can take off. ...read more.


You also have to look after much more things to do with the company if you own it, e.g. employee's wages and dealing with big problems, as well as being skilled in a wider range of work like keeping the books for your staff and being able to sort out any problem that comes your way. When you work for a large company the only work you have to do is the work of the job that you applied for, it's a much more specialist system of work. You only do what your good at. Working for yourself also has the problem that if you start your own business you stand a greater chance of failure, if your business doesn't start off very ...read more.


When working for a large company you get the benefits that come along with the job, you could get a company car and a pension, you could also get bonus's from the company after you do a good job or around Christmas time. There's also a greater sense of security if you work for a large firm, you tend to have a stable job with a stable salary and you get decent redundancy if you ever are laid off by the company, you stand much more chance having no income if you work for yourself and your company goes bust. When working for a large company you also get a lot of training, which you can use to get further up the company ladder or use to get a job at another company or use the skills you learn later in life. ...read more.

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