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The aim for this coursework is to design a new system for a real estate company called Holmes agents.

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Profile: The aim for this coursework is to design a new system for a real estate company called Holmes agents. The owner of the company is Mrs. Tempest Daze. She set up the business in the year 1999, in Florida, and for the first 2 years business has been booming. In 2002 business has been slow. Many customers have been lost due to improper service and information. Current status: They collect information of properties that are for sale. When enquiries are made, they search for the particular properties satisfying the criteria set. Currently the company is using a manual based system to manage their finances, a lot filing cabinets are used to keep the current data about the properties such as number of bedrooms, garden size, price etc. This method isn't very accurate and it takes up a lot of space, time, calculations, etc. All the information is written on paper and is put into cabinets. The filing cabinets are sorted according to different areas; if any information needs to be changed then one of the staff will have to do it manually. ...read more.


The quotations are then prepared (handwritten). The areas file is opened and the payment details, and tenancy contract is prepared. After concluding the sales and received payment the areas' file is passed to the customer service department in order to follow up. The customer service maintains all the details of all the requests, and complaints in the dairy. The accounts department receives the payments (cash/cheque) from the customer service, and makes the entries in the ledger. Disadvantages of a manual system: The company currently files all the information about the houses that are for sale or rent. They are all organized by the area that they are in. If any customer inquires about buying a house and doesn't specify the area, but sets other criteria then all the files have to be studied to find a house meeting the criteria set. If information about the area is given then it is a bit easier because only houses in that area have to be searched. Searching for the right houses can take hours because a lot of files have to be sea looked up. ...read more.


The hardware and software can be very expensive, however it is worth it. It saves money for the company in the long run. Employees will need to be trained regarding usage of the computer. This can be expensive however it would be recommended to hire people who are already familiar with the usage of computers. If the computer crashes or there is a power cut, access to data in the computer is lost, to take precautions Mrs. Daze can save the data on floppy, disks etc. Objectives: I have decided to create a system will allow the data to be organized into certain orders. It must be accurate and perform rapidly. Easy to use, search and must be able to save the data. With this new system the company will be able to calculate graphs. The system will be very useful to the company because It will be able to find properties matching the set criteria very easily, the information will be up to date because it is easy to update. The company wouldn't have to hire many workers or pay over time to those who spend extra hours working manually on their tasks because the work will be done faster and will be much easier than before. ...read more.

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