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The aims of the 'Gorgeous Gateaux' project were to work in a group and successfully try to gain the most possible profit.

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The aims of the 'Gorgeous Gateaux' project were to work in a group and successfully try to gain the most possible profit. As a group we had to decide on how many crates we were going to sell and how much we were going to sell per crate, remembering that the maximum was �10,000 each month. The price per month must go up in �1,000s. Although this was only a game I wanted to make it a serious situation to see how well I could run a small business using the business studies skills I had at the time. I personally think that the purpose of this game was to show the group how vital and important team work is and without it business' fail. The game was all about teamwork and group decisions and how they affected end results. In my group I had Tom Bond, Robert Withers and Danny Dicker. This is not a group I would usually work with but we were put in groups unfortunately. As a group we did not focus well enough and work together. Only half of us were actually concentrating so that affected our results slightly. ...read more.


rules were so we went over the top and that cost us dearly otherwise we could of won and become first in gaining the most profit. I decided from the beginning that I was going to be the leader but I did this without actually telling the group but instead I dominated the group. Although I wanted to be a democratic leader I decided to be more of a persuasive and autocratic leader because I made all the decisions but I believe that all the other group members should be motivated first to accept them. I therefore explained my ideas and convinced the group which was quite easy In my group I had to decide a lot of the things. My job was to decide the number of crates produced and the variable costs. In the first month I chose to produce 8 crates with a variable cost of �8000. This foolish decision cost our group dearly as no one wanted to buy 1 crate for �8000. I believe that was due to my lack of care of the whole topic. We managed to make only �2000 worth of sales, which was the least in the whole class. ...read more.


Branch Location: Gerry Del Wheaton MONTH example 1 2 3 Number of crates 6 8 6 7 of gateaux produced. Variable costs in �s. 6000 8000 6000 7000 (number produced x �1,000) Fixed Costs (�s) 4000 4000 4000 4000 Total costs (�s) (variable costs + fixed costs) 10000 12000 10000 11000 Price (�s) 5000 6000 3500 3000 Number of sales (cannot exceed number produced) 4 4 6 8 Sales revenue (�) (number of sales x price) 20000 24000 21000 24000 Profit or loss (�) (sales revenue- total costs) 10000 12000 11000 13000 Cumulative (�) Profit or loss 10000 12000 23000 36000 (Only for the first month of the game) Break-even point This confirms that I need 2 crates to break-even. The level of sales or output where total costs are exactly the same as total revenue is called the BREAK-EVEN POINT. Firms use break-even analysis to: -calculate in advance the level of sales needed to break even -see how changes in price affect break - even-see how chnages in cost affect the break - even point Calculating the break-even point is simple: Contribution = selling price - variable cost fixed costs There fore the break-even point = Contribution Khaled Hamid Page 1 5/3/2007 ...read more.

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