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The Alexanders Removal Services is a domestic and office removal firm in London, whose destination is within the United Kingdom and European countries. It is also store items during relocation time

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1. Abstract When setting up a business, people tend to worry about fund and customers. Then, the business has to face the competition with big corporations and other small and medium businesses. In order to success, the business has to know their competitors and market, so that they can set business plan and strategic plan. Furthermore, the help of external factors are also important, such as IT, legislation and social trend. In this report, the potential opportunity, the impact of information technology and discuss the e-business option. 2. Introduction The Alexanders Removal Services is a domestic and office removal firm in London, whose destination is within the United Kingdom and European countries. It is also store items during relocation time or as customers required. Alexanders Removal Services is a small business, even though they have premises and removal trucks. 3. The business' opportunities Business' opportunity is the chance for the business to attract more customers, expand their company and the brand. If the Alexanders Removal Services want to compete with others businesses, they needed to identify the opportunity to use it. The business is operating within the UK and European countries, so they can expand the destinations as an opportunity. The market within United Kingdom is huge; however, there are many other relocation services. ...read more.


Then, they have to find human resource by recruiting people, hire premises and vans. These are basic set up for a business. They also have to set out their policies of employee, customers, refund and exchange, sick pay, holiday pay and others. 5. The Important of Information Technology The information technology can advantage the business more than other business. For example, communicate with customers. The website content is how the business communicates with their customers. The clients like to know about the business, its history, existing customers' experience and more. Alexanders Removal Services can add electronic order on the website. Because when customers found their ideal choice, then they do not have to contact the services, they can just make an order online. So, the business received the order, process the paper work and contact the customers to discuss about the destination and discount. Moreover, the business also saves money on labour, as they need less staff to take orders than before. Alexanders Removal Services can send out advertised email to attract new customers. Due to the growth of the Internet, email has become the most popular way to communicate and also save time for both recipients and senders. Hence, email is the best way to communicate between customers and business. Sending advertise email is less expensive than sending leaflet to households. ...read more.


Using the Internet will save the Alexanders Removal Services money of hire staff to taking orders and customer service by phone. With electronic order and online customer service, the quality is the same as doing so by phone. Beside, the business does not have to pay huge phone bill as they have the same service online. 7. Conclusion A small business should consider the opportunity to strengthen the business, introduce the services to many potential customers and use the information technology, which is growing fast. Alexanders Removal Services is one of them. There are many opportunities that the business can do to expand itself, and the useful of the Internet will also help them success in the future. Reference o Allen, S. (2005), Best Business Opportunity 2005. About, Inc., USA [online]. Available at: http://entrepreneurs.about.com/od/businessideas/a/bizopps2005.htm [Accessed on Dec, 2005] o Alexanders Removal Services, (2005), United Kingdom [online]. Available at: http://www.springdigital.co.uk/clients/alex [Accessed on Dec, 2005] o Page 48, The Internet and E-commerce (2005), ACT Education Solution Ltd., Australia [book]. o Page 49, E-commerce in Small Business (2005), ACT Education Solution Ltd., Australia [book]. o Zahorsky, D. (2006), Starting a Small Business 101. About, Inc., USA [online]. Available at: http://sbinformation.about.com/od/bizopportunities/a/startup101.htm [Accessed on Dec, 2005] ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Nguyen Vu Thanh Thu Date: 24/02/06 AE3 - Introduction to Business Studies - 1 - ...read more.

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