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The business that I am going to help to improve on ICT wise is going to be a local food store

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Task 2. From the information that I have found in task 1 about ICT in a business I am going to use that and relate it to a small local business. I am going to introduce a small business and mention the ICT that is currently present there. To start of this topic I am first going to introduce the small business and mention the current ICT that is present there. The business that I am going to help to improve on ICT wise is going to be a local food store. This store sells a variety of items such as groceries, poultry, stationeries, sweets, chocolates, crisps, frozen and tined food etc. This business is known as a soul trader, which means one person owns the business however this business is owned by one person but several people manage the business together. ...read more.


The business has got some ICT even though it is old here is a few ICT technologies that they have got present in the store: - * Communication. * Advertising. * Business security. * Accounts. * Operations. These ICT's are present in the business but they are not used completely. These types of ICT mentioned above are used when they are mostly needed if they are not being used they are most probably left alone for a while and the business carries on running without the use of ICT. Here are the reasons for the ICT's: - * Communication - ICT that is used for communication is e-mail this is used to send documents over to the suppliers to place an order or to do an enquiry about the companies products. ...read more.


* Business security - CCTV cameras are part of the business security, which is part of ICT because the CCTV cameras are computerised. This sort of ICT is used within the business. * Accounts - ICT is used for accounts because the businesses accounts are on the internet for example the account are present on online banking so if some money needs to be transferred to different account that can be done by using ICT. * Operations - The only ICT that is used for operations are the cash registers. This is where the money is kept for the day. This is run on by ICT so that no other customers can get money out the cash register and open the cash register besides the employees and the owner therefore the business will not loose any money. Unit 5: - ICT provision in a business. Name: Saila Hanif Centre number: 22321 Candidate number: 2530 Page: 10 - 49 ...read more.

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