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The 'Choose Cadbury' Marketing Strategy

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The 'Choose Cadbury' Marketing Strategy The 'glass and a half', corporate purple, and the Cadbury script has become synonymous with Cadbury. Cadbury Schweppes have used these design elements to great effect in developing the implication of goodness that this imagery suggests. In the late 1980s, another important element, known as 'taste' was emphasised. Regardless of national preferences about how chocolate should taste (e.g. dark chocolate is very popular to Europeans, whereas Australians prefer creamier milk chocolate), the implication was clear that, Cadbury Schweppes provides taste and texture that, appeals to all consumers. For example, Cadbury Miniature Heroes includes a variety of chocolates such as, dark milk chocolate (e.g. Cadbury Dairy Milk), creamier milk chocolate (e.g. Cadbury Dream), chocolate with trace of nuts (e.g. CDM Whole Nut), etc. In the early 1990s, further emphasise was made on 'taste'. ...read more.


The organisation had carried out detailed consumer research to 'test' these messages. The research results proved that the colour recognition of dark purple is strongly associated with Cadbury Schweppes. The research results confirmed that ninety-six per cent of people worldwide recognise the Cadbury logo (the Cadbury script). Cadbury Schweppes is at the same recognition level as other global brands such as, Coca-Cola and McDonalds. The research results also verified that the 'glass and a half' icon, which plays a major role in the current 'Choose Cadbury' strategy, continues to pass on messages about the quality and excellent taste of Cadbury's chocolate. The central message of the 'Choose Cadbury' strategy depends on the 'glass and a half' icon. Many consumers are confused whether the glass is half full or half empty, Cadbury Schweppes suggests that the glass is half full appealing to our emotions, at all times. ...read more.


Cadbury consumers are pleased that the Cadbury product will always remain unchanged, (Cadbury is a chocolate and it still tastes superior). However, Cadbury consumers are provided more reasons to remain brand loyal (Cadbury is chocolate- feels good i.e. positive, uplifting, mood enchancing, providing enjoyment, and happiness). For the T.V. commercial of Cadbury Snap which shows hyenas running around laughing means that, Cadbury's chocolate provide happiness and enjoyment to all consumers. At no stage in the development of Cadbury brand has there been much dependence on taking ownership of the emotional side of eating chocolate as there is at the moment. Taking the ownership of the emotional side will help Cadbury Schweppes to raise its product in the attention of the consumer. With the 'Choose Cadbury' strategy, consumers are being given both logical and emotional reasons to purchase a Cadbury product as a first choice on every occasion. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 3: Marketing Created by Baljinder Duhra - 65 - ...read more.

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