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The Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of soft-drink concentrates and syrups.

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T he Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of soft-drink concentrates and syrups. The Company markets many of the world's top soft drink brands, including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta. Through the world's largest and most pervasive distribution system, consumers in nearly 200 countries enjoy the Company's products at a rate of more than one billion serving a day. On May 8, 1886, pharmacist John Stith Pemberton stirred up fragrant caramel-coloured syrup in a three legged brass kettle. He carried a jug of his new formulation to the Jacobs's Pharmacy, Atlanta. On the following day, the new product debuted as a soda fountain drink for five cents a glass. By accident or by design, carbonated water was mixed with the syrup which has created the world's most popular drink. Pemberton's partner suggested the name "Coca-cola" and penned the now-famous trademark in his unique, flowing script. Averages of nine drinks were sold per day after the advertisement. Pemberton died in 1886 and Asa Candler began to purchase the outstanding shares of Coca-Cola. In 1893, Coca-Cola was registered in the United States and then further investment was put it to expand the business. To handle the enormous scope of its business, the Coca-Cola Company has divided into six operating units: Middle and Far East Groups, Europe, The Latin America Group, The North America, The Africa Group and The Minute Maid Company. ...read more.


PARTNERSHIP A partnership is a group of individuals working together in business with a view to making a profit. Individuals can be more than 2 but not more than 20. Each partner shares the capital and share the liability. Advantages * Easily formed * Greater continuity than sole trader * More people are available to contribute capital to the business. * Expenses and management of the business is share. * All the losses are share. * New ideas come in the business. * There is a cover for the sickness, illness, and holidays. Disadvantages * All the profits are share among the partners * Decision-making is slow, because each partner has its own opinion and points * Unlimited liability, each partner is liable for the whole debt of the partnership, to the extent that he/she may be made personally bankrupt if the business fails. * Possible conflict between partners. PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANIES (Ltd) Any company, which is not registered as a public company, is a private limited company. Both private and public limited companies are referred to as joint stock companies because the money is contributed by many shareholders is combined to form a joint stock of capital assets, which is used in some form of business enterprise to generate further profits which is divided between the shareholders. ...read more.


If necessary then they also have to improve the quality of the products. The Coca-Cola Company research department has done a lot of research and recently they have launched many new products like DIET COKE WITH LEMON, FANTA Tropical, Minute maids, Fanta raspberry, Fanta blue berry etc. Administration Department This department is essential in keeping the wheels of the business. The maintenances of the company equipments etc. They also acts as a help support of the company, this means if there is any enquiry by the customers, the customers will ring the helpdesk support and complain about the products or any information that the customers need will be provided by the this department. About the complains, these complains will be transfer to the research and development department to make the product better or to fix the problem the consumer having. These departments are the most important department of The Coca-Cola Company because they helps the company to meets the objectives of The Coca-Cola Company i.e. surviving, customer satisfaction and make more profits. As I said that the help desk department satisfy the customer by providing the information they needs and taking the complains and passing to the research and development departments who improves the products. The marketing departments are responsible for marketing the products and advertising the products and promoting the products. If all these departments perform their duty firmly then the objectives of The Coca-Cola Company will meets. Task 1 Business Objectives -10- Shoaib Malik ...read more.

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