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The company chosen for my project is Holiday Cars. Holiday Cars are a car rental firm owned by manager Guarav Puri, there services are for people who require temporary personal means of transport e.g. tourists or business men.

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3.1(i)Introduction The company chosen for my project is Holiday Cars. Holiday Cars are a car rental firm owned by manager Guarav Puri, there services are for people who require temporary personal means of transport e.g. tourists or business men. Their friendly and most helpful customer service and quality low priced cars have become popular especially with tourists, so therefore the companies database is rapidly increasing. At the moment Holiday Cars current database system is not computerised. All information is recorded on pen and paper, customer contact details are kept in a desktop rolodex and all other information is stored in a file cabinet. The current system is inefficient; there is no form of organisation due to the unexpected rapid growth of the firm. All files are put into file cabinets by date, unintentionally. As other departments of the firm who happen to be off site require the derived information from sales, they need to be transported safely, but in the past paperwork has gone missing on the way. Therefore Holiday Cars feel it necessary to computerise their system. By computerising the system, all files will be kept safely, back ups will be made. Also a WAN will be used so the other departments needing the information will get it instantly and safely. Secondly with their unorganised system, Holidays car system of having current customers and past and possible customer have been mixed up, so as said before the new system will bring organisation to the firm. ...read more.


*When customers ask for quotes, it takes minutes rather than seconds. As the files aren't in any order, the employee must take time to answer the customer question. *When recording information on paper only one copy is made and means that system is very unreliable. And as we already know paperwork goes missing this makes the situation even worse. *The customer detail sheets are photocopies. And when presented to customer its looks very Un-presentable setting of a cheap image of the firm. *As there is a rapid growth in the companies services more and more information is gathered everyday, with the current system this requires more rolodex's and more filing cabinets which is space consuming. *Details of current and possible customers are mixed together causing confusion of whom information is to be sent to. *Customer receipts are also on paper, employees handwriting tends to be messy so there is no clarity. 3.1(ii)Objectives Of The New System *To have at least one computer for very department in the Holiday Cars company. *All files must be computerised in a database, in Microsoft Access. *All information will be backed up on different forms e.g. disk CD-RW To prevent the constant loss of information. *All information will be on a SHARED database. So information will not have to be transported like before. *To be able to reduce information retrieval time for customer quotes into seconds rather than minutes. ...read more.


To produce quality prints of receipts etc. Level I.T. Skills Employees Possess In my investigation, Mr Wright informed me that his employees have the basic skills to operate a computer and do have keyboard qualities. Therefore he assured me they would not have any problems in using the new system. Mr Wright did inform me that the employees may undergo minor training to use Access as most do not understand using query and form functions. 3.1(iii) System Requirements The Office XP package is the most suitable package for the new system as it caters for all needs. The Word program will produce templates for customer receipts and customer forms. The Access program is being used to store all the information that Holiday Cars have. To back my decision to use Office XP, Mr Wright has not specified any software package to use as he is not knowledgeable in the field of I.T. Secondly I already have many skills in using Office XP's programs as I have used it previously to complete other tasks. It is available to me at home, so I can develop the system further. By using the Office XP package I will be able to: *Create tables to enter all information gained. *Create templates for all customer presented forms. *The employees will be able to make queries to speed up time. *The program securely stores information. *To link Word with mail merge to send promotional offers to possible, current and past customers. *I can change the interface using visual basic applications to make the system friendlier for the employees to use. * ...read more.

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