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The company that would like to modify their business organisation is called Tempest Records, and specialises in buying and selling new and old compact discs (or cds) to the public. Setting up a new system.

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Description of the Problem The Company The company that would like to modify their business organisation is called Tempest Records, and specialises in buying and selling new and old compact discs (or cds) to the public. They buy the merchandise from a stockist that supplies many companies, and then they sell them through mail order to their customers. They buy an entire range of cds from rock to ska to punk, and people can buy them on compact disc. People have to sign up and join the organization so that they are then able to purchase the cds. The membership scheme that the company has to offer stores the details of the customer i.e. address, names and all the other relevant details that the business might need. The Current System The system works by the staff of the company placing the information of a particular customer in a filing cabinet when it is first received at the office. The data collection form is placed in different music magazines each month/week in order to advertise the company, and let people sign up. ...read more.


the address for each one - this is a problem because only some people are interested in particular genres of music, and when the company writes to people, they write the same thing to everyone, and therefore some people receive information about music that they are not interested in. The fact that the system is a manual system is a problem because - - The data of the members can be easily lost - when a file is being taken out the filing cabinet another file could accidentally be taken with it and then lost - this isn't good because when that customer wants to buy a cd they can't because the company doesn't have them in their system. They can join again, which is a hassle because they have to learn a new membership number, and it doesn't look good for the company - The files are stored by membership number ad if a customer forgets their membership number, it takes a long time to find them because the way the files are stored - Mistakes can be made - ...read more.


I have decided to set up a database on the computer that contains all the details about the customer so that they can be sent a mail merge letter (produced on the computer) every month to tell them about the offers for that month - the letter will be different for the different kinds of music that people prefer. I am going to create a table in the database containing all the information about the individual customers. I will mail merge this information into a letter that will be sent out every month to each member to make it appear personal to each of them. This new database will also allow new members to be added, old members to be deleted and member's information to be edited very easily. The company will benefit from a membership scheme on a database as each time a customer orders from the company they can be found on the database quickly and efficiently. They will look more professional and efficient to new customers. I will also create an order form, so that the company can tell what customer has brought what cd and when. Emma Smith Problem ICT Coursework ...read more.

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