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The company which I chose to talk about is BMW, I will talk about their website, TV advertising and e-mails sent by the company to their customers or subscribers. I will extract information from each source and talk about the legislation in relation to th

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P4 Legislations For this assignment I will select information from three different sources and manipulate it, adhering to legislation for business purposes. The company which I chose to talk about is BMW, I will talk about their website, TV advertising and e-mails sent by the company to their customers or subscribers. I will extract information from each source and talk about the legislation in relation to the information. Website Since the Internet revolution took off BMW have used their website to successfully market and sell their vehicles and various products. The company have managed to successfully create a user-friendly multimedia website which attracts many BMW fans and customers. The company's website includes a number of different vehicle related images and videos as well as a useful tool which allows customer to choose from various options in order to customize their vehicles. The BMW company website hosts several different images and features that are owned by the company. In order to protect such images and features a number of legislations have been put in place. ...read more.


Commercial Communications The Regulations require commercial communications to be clearly identified as such. The person on whose behalf the commercial communication is made must be clearly identifiable. Any conditions to be included must be easily accessible and presented clearly and unambiguously. The Regulations require unsolicited commercial communications sent by e-mail to be clearly and unambiguously identifiable as such as soon as they are received. Billboard Posters Posters are used by BMW to advertise. Billboard posters usually contain a large image of a particular offer/car model, therefore to keep competing companies from copying the advertisement techniques used by BMW, government officials have created certain rules and regulations designed to limit competitors powers over what they can use from competitors posters as well as what type of information BMW can put into their posters. BMW has to make sure that the Information provided in poster is accurate and complete, meaning that the company can't provide figures which don't apply to the overall realistic deal which the company is trying to advertise. ...read more.


Legislations such as: Data Protection Act 1988 Affects This policy is applicable to anyone who is storing any personal data. The purpose of the act is to protect the individual rights and freedoms of persons; especially their right to privacy with respect to the processing of personal data. Given that email is a major medium for exchange and storage of personal information. It is difficult to find systems that are dedicated to consumer protection and therefore only specialist e-mail servers have such powers over protecting personal information. Financial Services Act 198 The (Financial Services Authority) was created, which is an agency with broad regulatory powers to govern the financial industry. Whilst the act itself is not specific with regard to email retention, the FSA has imposed some guidance in relation to records retention. For example, in relation to guidance on Money Laundering, records relating to transactions, reports and "information not acted on" must be retained for a period of 5 years. Financial organizations need to review their compliance with FSA guidance in relation to the email. Given the need to retain records for varying numbers of years, a dedicated email archive store is required to ensure that that these requirements are met. ...read more.

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