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the different sections of a business plan

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The different sections of a business plan In a business plan it is very important that you make sure that you cover the five main areas, which are: * Preliminary information * Marketing production * Production plan * Financial plan * Human resource plan If one of these is not covered in the business plan, then the business plan will not work at all and is very likely that the business will not work either, as it could mean that some costs etc. are not taken into account. Business templates can sometimes be used, which are a template for a business to use to create their business plan. They can save a lot of time and effort, but can not always cover all the appropriate areas for a business, as they are not business type specific, and are only general. ...read more.


of the business as well as start up costs and projected profits. It is basically just a summary of the business to attract the attention of the person reading the plan. Marketing Plan A marketing plan looks at the competition and the business environment making sure that your business can stay ahead of the rest, as well as constructing a way for the business to market its new service/good to the public. This is done by creating a marketing mix which should cover all of the four P's: * Product * Place * Price * Promotion This marketing plan should be based on in-depth research of the market, customer's needs and competitors. Production Plan The production plan is the part of the business plan that concentrates a lot more on the actual product/service, talking about what is needed to create the product and how much it is going to cost. ...read more.


Human Resource Plan The human resource department in any business or business plan is the section that looks after its employees and anything to do with the employees. It makes sure that there is the right number of employees needed for the business to succeed without wasting any time or money keeping the business efficient. It also looks at any skills that the employees might need to complete their tasks and provide training if needed, and its final job is to recruit the right employees for the job, e.g. a lawyer for a law suite and not a dentist. The more in-depth and detailed research you carry-out when writing a business plan, the more realistic the plan will be so you will be able to have a better idea if the business will be successful. ...read more.

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