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The different types of stakeholders within both gas control and greenways estate agents are customers, suppliers, employees, owners and shareholders,

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Unit 2 P5 The different types of stakeholders within both gas control and greenways estate agents are customers, suppliers, employees, owners and shareholders, local community, governments financiers, and finally pressure groups. The stakeholders who are directly affected by gas control are shareholders due to if the company is not successful then this means that shareholders will sell there shares if dividends are poor. However if the company is successful then it means they increase in value of their shares. Employees may be affected as if again the company is running poorly it can affect the amount of wages they receive. Owners within gas control can be affected in the way that they may loose overall control of the business due to its performance of activities. ...read more.


The reason being is the fact that the organisation doesn't have limited liability like gas control which is where what ever circumstance the business goes through i.e. bankruptcy the owner will not have to pay but the company if it can. The aspects which may affect the stakeholders of gas control are, if employees don't reach production targets set then less valves are sold therefore less sales are produced decreasing profit for shareholders to receive. Another aspect is if the owner of gas control doesn't keep up with what is going on in the business and is not organised then he may loose overall control. The local community are affected by greenways because they tend to complain that students which have rented houses form the business are relatively loud. ...read more.


Gas control is a medium sized business which in fact is larger than greenways leaving more stakeholders affected if something goes wrong. Gas control responds to the needs of its stakeholders in different ways. Customers are set to be aware by gas control on clear advertisements about their products too sell. Employees are treated fairly not by grounds of any type of discrimination i.e. same wages are given to everyone, good working environments etc. The business aims to make a profit to meet the needs of shareholders to increase money from their shares. Greenways have only one main type stakeholder to respond to their needs. Customers are clearly spoken too and understood by greenways before renting, buying or selling houses, this can then make sure that they are not drawn into any thing they were not planning to do so. ...read more.

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