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the dragons den

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The Dragon's Den This essay is about five entrepreneurs (the Dragons) which all star in the BBC2 series, Dragon's Den. They are; Richard Farleigh, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and Theo Phaphitis. Dragon's Den has just finished their third series. Dragon's Den is a show about ordinary people with ideas which they think could make them rich. Each would be entrepreneur pitches their business idea for financial funding to the dragons. The entrepreneurs need to use their persuasion, reasoning and presentation skills to find backing in their business. In return for funding the entrepreneur will offer an equity which is a share of the company. At the beginning the entrepreneur states how much money he wants. If he doesn't get that exact money, he would leave with nothing. RICHARD FARLEIGH Richard Farleigh has a very interesting background. He was born in a small town in Victoria, the son of a violent and alcoholic sheep shearer. At the age of three, he was put into care with his ten brothers and sisters. Farleigh was described as "backward" by one teacher but went on to win a scholarship to the University of New South Wales, where he gained a first class degree in economics. He quickly forged a successful banking career in Australia and Bermuda and had made enough money by the age of 34 to "retire" to Monte Carlo. Since then he has been semi retired operating as a business 'angel', backing new early stage companies mainly in the United Kingdom. ...read more.


He sold this and founded a fitness club due to an experience with a leg injury. Now he has more than sixty health clubs called Bannatyne's. It is the largest independently owned health club operator in the UK and offers state of the art facilities. Since then he has opened up a bar, a hotel and is starting housing. For housing, he has got planning permision to build. He is building 115 houses and apartments altogether in Stockton-on-tees, Dumfries, Mansfield and Chafford. His estimated worth is over 170 million pounds. He is also going to be married again soon and has two children from his ex wife and four children with his fiancee. Duncan also likes to spend time with his family or doing his hobbies which are running, climbing, water skiing and scuba diving. He spends time working with charitable organisations, such as UNICEF and Scottish International Relief. He also established the Bannatyne Hospice for Children with HIV and AIDS in Romania. Duncan has also written a book called 'Anyone Can Do It'. It tells us about the extraordinary tale of from rags to riches. Duncan holds an OBE and was recently awarded an honorary Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from Glasgow Caledonian University for services to business and charity. He was also awarded North Region Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 and Master Entrepreneur Of The Year 2003 for the North Region. PETER JONES Peter Jones was born in 1966 in the county of Berkshire in the United Kingdom. ...read more.


At eighteen he worked as a sales assistant for Watches of Switzerland. At the age of twenty he moved into finance, specialising in turnarounds, setting up his own company at twenty three. In the following years he has bought and turned around Movie Media Sports, Partners, La Senza, Contessa and Rymans. During this time he spent eight years as chairman at Millwall F.C. He was also Director of the Football League and FA Councillor. His worth is estimated to be 125 million pounds. Theo lives with his wife in Surrey. He has five children and two grandchildren. Ryman and Partners are both stationary shops which supply a wide variety of products. Ryman was aquired in 1995 and currently has ninety two shops nationwide. Partners was aquired in 2001 and has 87 shops nationwide. Rymans also sells office equipment such as faxes and printers. Some shops even sell office furniture and mobile phones. La Senza and Contessa are both lingerie shops. La Senza has 77 shops in UK, nine in Ireland, 11 franchises, 17 concessions within Debehnams and three concessions in Northern Ireland. La Senza was sold in July this year to Lion Capital and still has minority shareholding. Contessa has 71 stores throughout England and Wales. Theo also owns Red Letter Days with Peter Jones (fellow dragon) and this was aquired in August 2005. Theo alaso has five golden rules for start up success: Cash is all, Work out the what-ifs, Common sense is not common, Don't scrimp on technology and Don't let things stagnate. ...read more.

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