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The estate agency Halletts is an experienced business in Thatcham and have not yet benefited from a computerised system. They are now looking for an efficient database system for all the houses for all the houses they have for sale.

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Database Coursework Identify The estate agency Halletts is an experienced business in Thatcham and have not yet benefited from a computerised system. They are now looking for an efficient database system for all the houses for all the houses they have for sale. Estate agency though is not really that simple. To run the business successfully with a computer you need a minimum of three database systems, but ideally you need four. You need one system for the houses you currently have for sale. You need one for all the houses you have sold. You need another one for all the houses that have been taken off the market or put up for sale with another estate agency (these are called 'take offs'. You also (if you find it necessary) have a system for all the people on your mailing list. All this is too complicated for the project that I am doing, so I have decided to use one system for houses the agency have for sale and once they are sold, ideally they should be transferred onto another database but because I do not have another one, I will just take it off the system. The current system works by employees going to the houses for sale and taking down all the details of that particular house and writing it down on a particular form. ...read more.


The Data included in the system will be as follows. Data Type Characters Example House ID Counter Unlimited 01 **House Price Numeric Unlimited �250 000.00 Location Text Unlimited Cold Ash Vendor Last name Text Max 30 Smith Vendor first Name Text Max 15 John Vendor Tel number Numeric Max 15 01635 567483 Date put up for Sale Numeric Max 8 16/01/99 Property type Text No. Of rooms Numeric Max 2 14 *No. Of Bedrooms Numeric Max 2 05 *Number of bedrooms is put in so that the potential Buyer can tell the estate agent how many bedrooms he wants to have in his house. This information can then be entered into the search. **House Price is put in so that The potential Buyer can tell the estate agent the maximum price he wants to pay and this information can then be entered into the database search aswell. A suitable house can then be found In my system, collecting the data is collected and processed in the following way: 1. Employees go to the house for sale with a laptop and enter all the information into a form with the field names specified above. 2. The employee then returns to their headquarters in Newbury where the laptop is linked up to their network and then the loaded from the laptop onto their proper system. ...read more.


Have I met all the objectives set? Objective 1: To provide a quick and easy way to enter data about houses into the system, using tables and forms. * I have achieved this by setting up forms Objective 2: To use validation checks to make sure all data entered is valid, and limit errors * I have also created successful validation checks, such as number fields, and limiting the number of characters in each field. Objective 3: To present data in an organized way. * I have achieved this as well by using structured tables, forms, and a switchboard. Objective 4: To create a way of accessing data quickly and easily, using certain criteria. * I have achieved this by setting up queries using macros, and have also put this into the switchboard. This means houses can be found according to certain criteria, like price range. As you can see, I have met all the original objectives set by me and my end user. My end user suggested that one possible change could be to create reports. This would mean that hard copies can be printed off. He said that instead of having a separate system for brochures, we can use these reports as brochures. I then explained that we will need much more information on houses to be able to create that, like description, directions and size, if we wanted it to look like one of their current brochures. ...read more.

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